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1 2010 Cameron Smith Sales Engineer for IN, KS, and MO Desktop Virtualization

2 Information and data is our most important asset. Security is a priority and we need to ensure that this data and IP is safeguarded How do I maintain or improve desktop management when I’m required to do more with less? Less budget, less power consumption, less resources.. I need to provide users with the best possible experience on LAN, off LAN, on multiple devices. I need to support a growing # diverse applications that don’t always run well in a terminal services environment Managing Desktops Today

3 OS Apps Persona OS Apps Persona OS Apps Persona OS Profile Data Persona Apps Data Profile Devices Apps OS Apps Persona Desktop and application delivery as a managed service

4 Virtualization and Cloud Models 4 Datacenter / control point Execution Benefits Ideal user type Green Benefits Network User Experience Mobility Security / Control Session Cloud, Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp Centralized User density, low TCO Task Better LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Good Better Storage Management Shared Execution Display Light Management Virtualized Cloud, MS Hyper-V, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View Centralized App compatibility and OS flexibility Knowledge, Specialty Good LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Better Storage Management Isolated Execution Display Light Management Cloud PC Citrix Provisioning Server, Wyse WSM Distributed PC experience, central control Any Best LAN, WAN Best Future Best Storage Management Execution Web Cloud, Web Server Hybrid User density, flexibility, TCO Task Best LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Good Best Good Storage Management Hybrid Display / Execution Shared Microsoft MultiPoint Server Centralized Low TCO, PC as server, easy install Task, Student Better USB Better None - USB cabling Better PC Storage Management Shared Execution Display

5 Who are the players? 5

6 Image Updates Simplify Desktop Image Management Manage thousands of desktops Streamline desktop management –Quick provisioning –Simplify update, patch, and upgrade activities while retaining user settings –Guarantee updates are applied to every desktop

7 Getting Started What do I need to get started in desktop virtualization? A server with plenty of RAM, CPU, and disk to run: –ESX/ESXi –vCenter as a VM –Your master image desktop OS as a VM –X number of clones as VMs –The broker (View or XenDesktop) as a VM A solid network A thin client 7

8 Step 1 : Determine which users Choose easy targets, ideally: –Smaller number of applications –Easy-going and will provide honest feedback –No special device support 8

9 Step 2 : Choose a platform Citrix XenDesktop? –Pro’s : Very flexible, great user experience, excellent level of IT and user acceptance, any device –Con’s : Can be pricey, history of being complicated VMware View? –Pro’s : Easy to setup and manage, wide user community, Composer saves SAN cost –Con’s : PCoIP isn’t great on the WAN, pricey, and some consider it still in infancy Wyse WSM? –Pro’s : Easy to setup, low TCO, no SAN required –Con’s : 100% of happy customers say there are none 9

10 Step 3 : Create a base image Build a base Windows 7 or Windows XP image Recommended for first run that you bundle your applications into the image 10 Step 4 : Create clones in a desktop pool Select base image and configure the number of clones that you want to create Image Cloning

11 Pooled –Direct copies of the master VM, no customization Dedicated –Permanently assigned to individual users, with customization Physical –Desktops hosted on dedicated blade servers; no centralized power control Streamed –vDisk imaged from a master target device with Provisioning Services 11 Machine Type Definitions

12 12 User1 Desktop1 Desktop2 Desktop3 Step 5 : Assign users

13 Step 6 : Connect! Demo of Citrix connection 13

14 Tips for a successful Proof of Concept Plenty of storage speed/IOPs on your SAN Fast network – 1Gb where possible Choose the right endpoint (thin client) Don’t overcomplicate the architecture - KISS 14

15 15 Wyse Range of Products Z Class 1.6Ghz dual-core processor 4 USB 2.0 2 USB 3.0 Can mount on monitor, desk, wall R Class 6 USB 2 Serial 2 DVI Can mount on monitor, desk, wall C Class 4 USB 1 DVI (dual with DVI/VGA splitter) Can mount on monitor, desk, wall V Class 3 USB 1 Serial 1 DVI Can mount on monitor, desk, wall X Class 12” and 14” form factors Wyse Pocket Cloud Available on Android, iOS Wyse PC Extender Repurpose PC solution with integrated ICA and PCoIP support


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