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1 BC Hydro Internationally Trained Engineers SITE BC Seminar September 06.

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1 1 BC Hydro Internationally Trained Engineers SITE BC Seminar September 06

2 2 Introductions: Raj Sharma, Mgr, Strategic Talent Acquisition Team Cameron Brine, Mgr, Diversity Why is it recruitment and retention important for BC Hydro: Demographics – upwards of 40% of our workforce can retire in the next 3-5 years. Operation and rate payer obligation Growing Business – needs a mix of existing employees and new talent to support our capital investment plans, strategic business functions, and areas of renewal (i.e. conservation) to support the Energy Plan set by the Provincial Gov’t Talent in today’s economy is the platform for business success and excellence – for many companies it’s the only critical competitive advantage Embeds our values and vision of diversity into the company and better reflect the customer and communities we serve It remains one of the top HR priorities for our executive team and HR Community; BC Hydro’s HR long-term goal is become a “Top Employer for Generations” © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities. ITPs/Talent Acquisition/Diversity– The Business Platform

3 3 BC Hydro Diversity – Focus on ITPs Diversity at BC Hydro is understanding, recognizing and valuing the differences that make each person unique. BC Hydro is committed to developing a diverse workforce that represents the communities we serve within BC and strengthens our inclusive workplace.  Diversity Manager; increase applicant pools of ITPs for key occupational groups (Engineers, Technologists, PM, etc);  Dedicated RM for Outreach Partners such as ArriveBC, Mosaic, MCHH SUCCESS, Douglas College, Aspect, etc  Create supportive interviewing practices and tools for hiring managers (i.e. consider international credentials, recognize cultural differences, provide “hiring” coaching and development pre and post interview; focus on development) – main message “Screen in, NOT out”

4 4 Work with ITPs~Recruitment 1. Positions are profiled with our outreach partners; use ethnic media sources; encourage employee referrals that are diverse 2. Outreach partners, understand our business, values and base-line qualifications – filter the prime candidates for consideration – flag them for my attention 3.Advocate for ITP – help them prepare for interviews; follow-up and provide meaningful experience 4.Proactively champion ITP hires and leverage successful hire in one area to create another opportunity in another part of our company 5.Consider non-traditional hires and create change (i.e. Sikh PM in Capital Delivery; Female engineers from Columbia/Bangladesh, etc)

5 5 Work with ITPs ~ Retention 1.Set-up realistic, achievable development plans 2.Embed regulatory/designation requirement into employment 3.Mentor and support development with challenging but meaningful work 4.EFOP – pilot and more programs to be rolled out 5.Cross-cultural awareness for HR & Managers 6.Strengthen role of internal volunteer groups (HEMS); Diversity Ambassadors 7.All succession mgmt, promotions, re-organizations and/or project work seen as diversity based opportunities 8.Story tell – challenges/successes of diversity 9.Coach ITPs and provide on-going support 10.Create ripples – lead to waves of change

6 6 Conclusion – Closing Comments  Directionally heading in the right direction; more work to be accomplished  Be part of the solution; implement learning and engage with others  Facilitate cultural shift towards top inclusive employer behaviour  Contact Raj Sharma: or 604.623.3837;  Cameron Brine: or

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