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Gasoline from Wood Waste A Year in Review Presented by: George Stanko, President June, 2012.

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1 Gasoline from Wood Waste A Year in Review Presented by: George Stanko, President June, 2012

2 Recap of CORE BioFuel  CORE’s mission: develop chemical products from biomass feedstock without fossil fuels  Our first project will develop a patent-pending process to produce carbon neutral 92 octane gasoline from wood feedstock  Gasoline from wood is a well-timed solution:  need to reduce fossil carbon emissions;  crude oil is scarce and becoming difficult to extract,  motor vehicle industry is geared to produce combustion engines which burn gasoline  We planned to build our first commercial plant in B.C and are evaluating other sites in Canada 2Technology Driving Green Energy

3 Technology: status update  In 2011 Technip, Inc., a global engineering firm, completed a 3 rd party technical review and engineering feasibility of the process  The Report was favorable and Technip has since been engaged by CORE in a Service Agreement 3Technology Driving Green Energy

4 Update on Promotion  CORE has a new logo  We have a revised process diagram (see next slide)  Our website has been improved and updated 4Technology Driving Green Energy

5 Canadian Gasoline Market 5Technology Driving Green Energy  Gasoline and diesel are the most widely used transportation fuels  Infrastructure, supply & distribution is complex and extensive  Nearly 200 million litres a day of petroleum-based fuels are pumped into Canadian cars and trucks

6 Update on Financing CORE Investment  Investment through CORE Limited Partnership has been successful - the 2 nd offering has not yet been filled  CORE continues to pursue funding sources -- government and the private sector  CORE is seeking a Strategic Partner 6Technology Driving Green Energy

7 Update on Intellectual Property  Patents are pending in Canada, the U.S., European Union, and India  All applications are waiting for prosecution 7Technology Driving Green Energy

8 Comments on Competition  CORE is not aware of other attempts to produce gasoline from DME  Several companies have stated intent to produce gasoline from “bio-crude” (KiOR, Licella (Australia))  Others claim to produce fuels from syngas generation (Cool Planet Biofuels, Primus Green Energy)  Volvo and Chemrec have teamed up to construct a commercial plant to produce DME from synthesis gas generated from the gasification of black liquor  Haldor-Topsoe is developing their TIGAS process which closely resembles the MTG process (methanol-to-gasoline) 8Technology Driving Green Energy

9 Bankable, Insurable and Marketable  Through Stern Brothers, The Export Import Bank of America has given CORE a letter of interest for biorefinery debt financing  AON will place Risk Mitigation insurance for the biorefinery, featuring Performance Guarantee insurance  Off-take agreement: Elbow River Marketing will purchase 100% of the output of the CORE green gasoline biorefineries 9Technology Driving Green Energy

10 Update on Timeline  Timeline assumes funding is acquired by Q3 of 2012 10Technology Driving Green Energy

11 CORE’s Competitive Advantage 11 Technology Driving Green Energy $CDN / litre CORE’s production cost0.39 Canadian 2011 average wholesale*0.87 *According to Natural Resources Canada, refinery shutdowns in eastern US and pipeline bottlenecks for western crude will cause supply issues which will increase wholesale prices in Canada starting in August, 2012

12 Capex and Profitability Technology Driving Green Energy 12 Capital Cost of the 1 st Plant$ 110.9 million Capex per litre$ 1.63 Revenue from Sales$ 53.4 million Cost of Wood$ 13.6 million EBITDA$ 24.7 million

13 Visualized Progress 13 Construction Engineering with Technip - EPC Fixed Price Contract  $ 12,000,000 Build, Own, Operate $ 25 MM Equity $ 74 MM Debt Plant Licensing “Construction ready license” OPTIONS Technology Driving Green Energy

14 CORE BioFuel Inc. Questions or comments ? Visit our website: 14Technology Driving Green Energy

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