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DO NOW: Pick up Foreign/Domestic Issue foldable Fold it and cut as instructed.

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1 DO NOW: Pick up Foreign/Domestic Issue foldable Fold it and cut as instructed

2 DO NOW: Recreate the diagram and complete Who was challenging the United States to war between 1800-1815? Use p. 288-294

3 Britain France Barbary Pirates Tripoli Native American Confederation

4 Foreign/Domestic Issues Look through Chapter 9, Section 3 (p. 288-294) On your foldable: Identify these events as either Foreign or Domestic. Barbary Pirates and War with Tripoli Attack on the Chesapeake Embargo Act Battle of Tippecanoe War Hawks (Leave space under each event to write descriptions of each)

5  Foreign Issue  Barbary Pirates were demanding a bribe for passage and seized U.S.S. Philadelphia  Jefferson refused to pay bribe and sent ships over to close off Tripoli from trading  Captain Stephen Decatur lead a mission to destroy the Philadelphia so it would not fall into enemy hands  Negotiations: Tripoli stops demanding bribe, U.S. pays ransom for Americans prisoners. Barbary Pirates/War with Tripoli


7  Foreign Issue  The US had neutral rights on the seas  Impressment was continuing to take place by the British  British war ship Leopard demanded to search the U.S. ship Chesapeake  When the captain of the Chesapeake refused, the British attacked killing 3 and wounding 18  Many Americans demanded war Attack on the Chesapeake

8  Domestic Issue  This is passed in response to the attack on the Chesapeake  Prohibited all trade with Great Britain and all other nations  Jefferson and Madison hoped this would hurt British economy and avoid war  Embargo Act is a disaster – it hurt the U.S. economy more than anything else  Repealed by Congress on March 1, 1809 and is replaced by the Nonintercourse Act – prohibited trade with only British and French and was no more successful Embargo Act


10  Domestic Issue  Tecumseh was a Shawnee chief that built a powerful Native American confederacy  They were upset because Americans were moving onto land that had been guaranteed to them  General William Henry Harrison meets with Tecumseh because he fears the power of the Native Confederation and did not want them to join the British.  Tecumseh continued to expand his confederacy, so Harrison attacked Prophetstown on the Tippecanoe River.  Harrison wins and Tecumseh joins the British. Battle of Tippecanoe

11  Domestic Issue  They were young Republicans from Southern and Western United States  Wanted to avenge British actions (supporting the Native Americans and impressment) and wanted to expand the nations power US declares war on Great Britain in 1812. Known as the “War of 1812” War Hawks


13  Define or identify these words based on what was just discussed:  Impressment  Neutral rights  Embargo  War Hawks  Stephen Decatur  Tecumseh  Essay Questions (yellow foldable) Study Guide Review

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