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New Threats from Overseas and The Road to War LEADS TO.

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1 New Threats from Overseas and The Road to War LEADS TO

2 Key Terms Tribute – a bribe Impressment – Forcing people to join the military. Embargo – a ban on trade Confederation – independent groups that agree to unite for a common purpose War Hawks – members of Congress who wanted the US to go to war with England.

3 What Does Neutrality Mean Again? In America, overseas trade grew rapidly. This trade brought new problems. One problem arose when America was trying to trade with both Britain and France during another war. The United States claimed it was neutral. This didn’t work. Hundreds of American ships were captured by both Britain and France.

4 I’m Impressed!!! Thousands of American soldiers were forced to work in the British navy. This is called impressment. Jefferson passed the Embargo Act and cut off all trade. It ended up hurting America most of all because we had no one to sell our goods to. The Embargo Act was replaced by a new act that allowed trade with everyone except France and England.

5 Review Why were the French and British seizing American ships? What was the goal of the Embargo Act? Why did the Embargo Act fail?

6 Time for a New President Like Washington, Jefferson refused to run for a third term. James Madison easily won the election of 1808.

7 The Road to the War of 1812 About 900,000 people moved west of the Appalachian Mountains between 1790 and 1810. The Indians did not like this. After some fighting, the US signed the Treaty of Greenville. In this treaty the US gained the state of Ohio, the Indians were paid $20,000, and fighting stopped.

8 Tippecanoe Different Indian leaders began to spring up. Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa (AKA “The Prophet”) spoke out against Indians trading with “the white man.” The leaders said that the Indians should return to their old traditions. This caused more fighting. Tecumseh organized the Indian tribes into a confederation to fight against the white settlers. The Prophet led an attack on Governor William Henry Harrison’s men at the Battle of Tippecanoe. Both sides suffered heavy losses, but Harrison’s men were able to defeat the Indian Tribes.

9 Review Why did war break out in Ohio? What was Tecumseh’s plan to prevent problems with the white settlers?

10 Oh no you di’ent England!! Americans found out that Britain(England) was selling guns and ammo to the Indians! This, along with the fact that Britain was still attacking ships and forcing Americans to fight for the British made many Americans furious. America did not want to be bullied, especially by England. Many called for war with England. Members of Congress who called for us to go to war were nicknamed “War Hawks.” The most outspoken of these men was Henry Clay. We declared war in 1812. This war is cleverly named The War of 1812

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