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Take a few moments to finish The Lewis and Clark WebQuest

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2 Take a few moments to finish The Lewis and Clark WebQuest
& turn it in to front table Then begin Ch.10.3 p. 353 handout Cause/effect of the War of 1812

3 Read 10.3 (p. 353) and unscramble the following words below & describe how they are related:
krawhwas emtmisrnpse geobmar warhawks impressment embargo

4 Analyze the causes & effects of the
Ch Today’s Targets: Analyze the causes & effects of the War of 1812

5 Read, “Problems with France & England,” p. 353
The British captured any ship bound for France. The French stopped all ships bound for Britain. Why was Jefferson unable to keep the United States out of conflicts with other nations? Trade around the world put U.S. ships in constant contact with foreign countries.

6 Jefferson’s Response Instead of declaring war, he asked Congress to pass legislation that would stop all U.S. foreign trade – Embargo Act, 1807 Described his policy as “peaceable coercion”

7 Jefferson’s Response How would Jefferson “force the British and French to respect American shipping?

8 Embargo Act of 1807 No more foreign trade – Epic Fail!! Effects:
1) American farmers lost key markets for their products 2) Shippers lost income 3) Many chose to violate the embargo by making false claims about where they were going.

9 Interpret the newspaper cartoon What is “OGRABME” spelled backwards?



12 The Path to War War breaks out between France & Britain. Britain angers U.S. by: Capturing all ships heading toward France Kidnapping U.S. sailors to work on British ships Helping Natives fight against American frontier settlements Embargo Act passed by Congress hurts American merchants & economy more than hurts the British Treaty of Fort Wayne signed w/natives Tecumseh declares treaty void William Henry Harrison defeats Shawnee at Tippecanoe Tecumseh welcomed in British Canada increases American anger


14 Tecumseh and Native American Unity
Read “Tecumseh & Native American Unity” p. 354 His response? Unite the Natives to fight United States expansion What were the results at the Battle of Tippecanoe in November, 1811? His plan failed & the movement to unify the tribes against the U.S. was crushed

15 “War Hawks” John C. Calhoun [SC] Henry Clay [KY]

16 June 18, 1812 Madison asked Congress to declare war on Britain
John C. Calhoun [SC] Henry Clay [KY]

17 The United States’ has two supporting reasons or (causes) for the War of 1812?
1. Britain to respect U.S. sea rights 2. To end British support of Indian resistance to westward movement.

18 Page 355 Overview of the War of 1812

19 The War of 1812 5. U.S. Congress declares war on British, June 1812
War hawks westerners Aug. 1814 British burn White House & Capital Ft. McHenry repels British Jan. 1815: Andrew Jackson defeats British at N.O. after Treaty of Ghent ended the war in Dec. 1814 Sept. Oct. 1813 U.S. naval victory on Lake Erie U.S. victory at Thames in Canada - secures NW 6. 4. Sept. 1814 U.S. defeats British at Lake Champlain – secures N.E.

20 Oliver Hazard Perry – “Don’t Give Up The Ship”
Battle of lake Erie 1813 Oliver Hazard Perry – “Don’t Give Up The Ship”

21 Put-in-Bay Island in Lake Erie, Ohio
Perry’s Monument Put-in-Bay Island in Lake Erie, Ohio

22 The British burn Washington D.C., 1814
the Capitol building & the White House

23 Battle of Fort McHenry, 1814 Oh Say Can You See By the Dawn’s Early Light… Francis Scott Key

24 Treaty of Ghent December 24, 1814

25 The Battle of New Orleans, 1815
Andrew Jackson

26 Legacy of the War of 1812 (effects)
1. 2. 3. American patriotism (pride in U.S.) increases; Heroes created War broke the strength of Native Americans Encourages the growth of U.S. manufacturing

27 graph shows increasing
Using the graph & information from 10.3, explain why the War of 1812 was the “second war for independence” not politically, but for economic independence: graph shows increasing trade war between Britain & France disrupted U.S. trade British impressed U.S. sailors Embargo Act, 1807 attempted to end conflict but did more harm than good as the graph shows many Americans demanded war to stop British interference & restore economic liberty

28 As for Mr. Madison . . . he won “his” war but learned an important lesson that the United States cannot ignore world events!

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