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Job Search Strategies: How to Find a Job THE CAREER CENTER AT UCR 951.827.3631.

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1 Job Search Strategies: How to Find a Job THE CAREER CENTER AT UCR HTTP://CAREERS.UCR.EDU 951.827.3631

2 Problem According to the Wall Street Journal, “many users are finding that job hunts conducted solely online rarely produce jobs…” Boston College Career Center 8/2007

3 Key Use a Variety of job search strategies “Diversify Your Job Sources”

4 Job Sources SCOTLink* On Campus Interview Program (OCI)* Internships* Career Fairs* Employer Information Sessions* Online Job Sites Direct Contacts with Employers Networking Professional Associations Newspapers/Professional Journals General Employment Agencies * Denotes UCR Career Center Services



7 Position Type Search Results Keywords

8 Job Search Tip: More than 80% of students who had full time jobs before graduation connected face-to-face with employers:  Employers interviewing on campus (OCI)  Speaking with company representatives  Attending employer information sessions  Attending career fairs  Participating in internships  Networking

9 Why participate? It’s FREE! Save gas! Interview on campus Chance to interview for multiple internship and full- time positions Employers chose UCR and want to interview you Get email notifications Greater chance of being hired Secure a job before you graduate Easy online sign-up Who can participate? All current UCR students are eligible depending upon employer requirements. On Campus Interview

10 On Campus Interviews (OCI) Seniors eligible for full time positions Sophomores/Juniors eligible for internship positions

11 On Campus Interviews (OCI) Seniors eligible for fulltime positions Sophomores/Juniors eligible for internship positions 1.SUBMIT YOUR RESUME by deadline 2.WHEN INVITED, sign up for interview time 3.INTERVIEW 4.FOLLOW UP with thank you

12 Internships How can internships be valuable? - Test the water - Put your theory to practice - Applicable experience for your resume - Academic credit - Earn extra $ - Gain industry networking contacts - Get your foot in the door and turn your internship into a full-time job

13 Career Fairs

14 Online Job Search Nacelink Network in SCOTLink National job sites Industry-specific sites Company-specific sites Association sites International sites Government sites



17 Networking Why network? Uncover the hidden job market 75-80% of jobs are obtained via personal contacts Learn more about your chosen career field Get advice through informational interviews to find out how to conduct your job search Identify top organizations

18 Networking How do you network? Talk to everyone you know! Informational Interview Join the student chapter of a professional association* Pass out your calling card Share how you can be a valuable resource for them Grow your connections Stay connected

19 Networking Who do you network with? Current students and alumni Family, friends, relatives Faculty, department staff Current supervisors Employers directly

20 Employment Agency Temporary and permanent Various fields and specific fields (e.g. health care) Work while looking for a permanent job Gain experience Earn $ Tip: Avoid agencies that require you to pay fee for them to place you!

21 Get Organized!

22 Final Thoughts Be organized, self-motivated, and assertive Job searching requires time and energy Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few months to secure a desirable position Persevere Continue to develop and use new resources to diversify your search


24 Career Center Additional Career Center workshops to help you with your career success: Resume Writing Interviewing Skills Making Professional Connections Drop-In Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Friday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Location:Veitch Student Center Hours:Mon. - Fri. 8-5, Wed. 9-5 Web Site: Phone: (951) 827-3631

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