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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications1.

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1 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications1  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications Chapter 1 : Introduction

2 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications2  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Outline Electronic commerce and physical commerce The DIGITAL phenomenon Looking at e-commerce from different perspectives Different types of e-commerce Examples of the types of e-commerce Some e-commerce scenarios Effect of e-commerce Advantages of e-commerce Myths about e-commerce development and implementation System model of this book

3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications3  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Types of Commerce Commerce Electronic Commerce Physical or Traditional Commerce Internet Commerce  Business focused e-commerce Consumer focused e-commerce

4 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications4  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Digital Phenomenon What do you think? What are the drivers of e-commerce? Data networks Intense competition Globalization Information age Technologies Automation Low cost high quality products/services DIGITAL

5 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications5  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 E-commerce from different perspectives Three layer models for e-commerce (e.g. Zwass’s model). E-business: a wider perspective than e-commerce. E-commerce improves the value chain. E-commerce provides an effective tool for building, managing and enhancing these relationships.

6 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications6  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Different types of E-Commerce Business (organization) Customer (individual) Business (organization) Customer (individual) B2C (e.g Amazon) C2B (e.g Priceline) C2C (e.g eBay) B2B (e.g TPN)

7 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications7  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Examples B2C: C2C: B2B: C2B: Let’s visit these web sites in turn and discuss its features.

8 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications8  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 E-commerce scenarios Retailing Servicing Publishing Supply chain management Discussion: How are they changing?

9 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications9  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 What are the advantages of e-commerce? To consumers (think about the consumer buying process: search, evaluate and execute): To businesses (think about the common objective of every business):

10 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications10  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Discussion How should different departments participate in an e- commerce project?  Management  Marketing  Production  Finance  Procurement  Customer support

11 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications11  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Transformation of a Compartmentalized Organization into Integrated Organization Management Production Department Finance Department Marketing Department Personnel Department Management ProductionMarketing Finance Personnel

12 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications12  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Three-tier Technical Model Client side Service system Backend system Server side

13 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Commerce: Fundamentals and Applications13  Wiley and the book authors, 2001 Architecture of Web-based E- Commerce System Backend system Firewall Internet Server side Intranet (Secure) Web ServerApplication Server Database Service system Client side

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