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Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College F.2 PE Theory – Badminton Mr. Wong Shun Ki, Aaron.

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1 Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College F.2 PE Theory – Badminton Mr. Wong Shun Ki, Aaron

2 Ways of Playing Badminton Played by two players (singles) or by four players (doubles), using racquets and a shuttlecock Played indoors on a court divided by a net

3 Basic Aim You win a rally if you hit the shuttle over the net and onto the floor of the opposing side's court You lose the rally if you hit the shuttle into the net, or over the net but outside of the opposing side's court. You also lose the rally if, for example, the shuttle touches you or your clothing, or if you hit it before it crosses the net.

4 The Playing Area The court used for singles is a different shape from that used in doubles The difference is –The singles court is ‘long and skinny’ –The doubles court is ‘short and fat’

5 The Court

6 Toss The winner of the toss can elect to serve or receive in the first game, or to choose to play at a particular end of the court. The loser of the toss makes the remaining choice. Start of a Game

7 Serving The service courts are slightly different for singles and doubles. A shuttle on the line is "in". The server and receiver stand in the diagonally opposite service courts (always right hand at the start of the game) but therefore players may move anywhere on their side of the net. The server must obey laws designed to force underhand delivery of the serve, and the receiver must stand still until the service is struck. the whole shuttle shall be below the server's waist at the instant of being hit by the server's racket

8 the shaft of the server's racket at the instant of hitting the shuttle shall be pointing in a downward direction to such an extent that the whole of the head of the racket is discernibly below the whole of the server's hand holding the racket Singles – If the serving player’s score is zero or an even number, he serves from the right service court. If score is odd number, he serves from the left service court

9 Doubles – The first player to serve does so from his right service court. The player then changes service court time he wins a point. The service passes to the opposition immediately the serving side commits an error From then on, each player in the serving team gets to serve. Player A commences serving from the right service court, and alternates the service court each time a point is won

10 If an error occurs from the serving team, Player B (the partner of Player A) gains the service. As long as the serving pair scores, this player continues to serve from alternate service courts to each opponent in turn

11 Scoring Matches comprise of the best of three games. Each game starts at 0-0 (traditionally called "love- all") If the serving side wins a rally, it scores a point, and serves again but from the alternate service court. If the receiving side wins the rally, the score remains unchanged and the service passes to the next player in turn. In singles, this is the opponent: in double it's either the partner or, if both players have just had a turn of serving, one of the opponents.

12 15 points wins a game. However, if the score reaches 14-14, the side which first reached 14 can choose either to play to 15, or to set the game to 17 points. The final score will reflect the sum of the points won before setting plus the points gained in setting. Scoring in ladies' singles is slightly different. 11 points wins a game and there is the option to set to13 points" at 10-10.

13 And Finally... Players change ends at the end of a game and when the leading score reaches 8 (or 6 for ladies' singles) in the third game. A five minute interval is allowed prior to any third game.

14 International Badminton Federation World Badminton Online Related Badminton Websites

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