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The Physical Geography of Latin America

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1 The Physical Geography of Latin America
Unit 3 - Chapter 8 Ch 8 PP

2 I. Section I The Land Ch 8 PP

3 A. A Vast Region Located in the Western Hemisphere
Land area – 8 million sq. miles Latin America made up of 3 parts Middle America Central America & Mexico Caribbean (aka. the West Indies) Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles South America Only 2 landlocked countries Paraguay & Bolivia Ch 8 PP

4 B. Mountains & Plateaus Mountains of Mexico, Central America, & Caribbean Sierra Madre Oriental (Eastern), Occidental (Western), & del Sur (of the south) These mountains surround the densely populated Mexican Plateau Central Highlands Ch 8 PP

5 Mountains & Plateaus (Cont.)
Andes Mtns. Of South America World’s longest mountain range!!! Also cordilleras Altiplano – means high plain – Peru & Bolivia Patagonia – plateau in Argentina Highlands of Brazil Mato Grosso Plateau Brazilian Highlands Escarpments – steep cliff or slope Ch 8 PP

6 C. Lowlands & Plains Grasslands Llanos – Colombia & Venezuela
Employ llaneros Pampas – Argentina & Uruguay Employ gaunchos Ch 8 PP

7 D. Water Systems Rivers Rio Grande – river that forms the border between Mexico & U.S Amazon River – largest river in the world!!! Rivers provide power – hydroelectric power Ch 8 PP

8 Water Systems (Cont.) Lakes Waterfall
Lake Titicaca – highest navigable lake – Andes Lake Maracaibo – S. America’s largest lake – Venezuela Waterfall Angel Falls – highest waterfall in the world - Venezuela Ch 8 PP

9 E. Natural Resources Oil & natural gas Gold – Venezuela & Brazil
Silver – Peru & Mexico Emeralds - Colombia Copper - Chile Bauxite – Jamaica Tin – Bolivia & Brazil Ch 8 PP

10 II. Section II Climate & Vegetation Ch 8 PP

11 A. Climate & Vegetation Regions
Tropical Regions Rain Forest Amazon Basin What forest is located here? Canopy – continuous layer of leaves Tropical Savanna Ch 8 PP

12 Climate & Vegetation Regions (Cont.)
Desert & Steppe Areas Atacama Desert – Chile – one of the driest places on earth! Ch 8 PP

13 B. Elevation & Climate Tierra Caliente – hot land
Tierra Templada – temperate land Tierra Fria – cold land Ch 8 PP

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