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The Magical Waterfall By Destiny Johnson. By Destiny Johnson.

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1 The Magical Waterfall By Destiny Johnson

2 By Destiny Johnson


4 Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Mia, and she is nine years old. She has long, curly brown hair and a warm smile. One day, when she got home from getting water from the well, she saw the local doctor at her home. He said, “I am sorry to tell you this, but your mother has The Red Dragon disease.


6 The doctor explained that there is a legend about The Red Dragon disease. If you are not cured within one month’s time, you will turn into a Red Dragon forever. He told Mia, “There is only one way to cure the illness. What you need to do is to travel to Peru and get water from the magical waterfall. It is not easy to get water from that waterfall because it is said that there are many beasts guarding the waterfall.”


8 Mia decided to go on this adventure to save her sweet mother from turning into one of those beasts. She would bring four friends with her, George the monkey, Jenny the little lioness, Bubba the brave dog, and John her big brother.


10 They had all the supplies they needed to go on their adventure. John gathered the horses and carriage and he told Mia that he would like to drive the carriage.


12 They began to put everything they needed into the carriage. As they were loading up the carriage, Jenna the lioness asked Mia, “Where are we going?” Mia replied, “We are going to go on an adventure. It will be fun, and we will get to see many things.” Then George the monkey asked, “Will we get to meet any animals? Mia answered, “I'm sure we will get to meet plenty of animals.”


14 As they were walking down the forest path, Mia asked John, “How long is it going to take us to get there?” John said, “Well, Sis, it should only take about three days to get there and three days to come back.” Mia was worried, “Okay, I hope mother is going to be all right while we are gone.” John answered, “I'm sure she will be just fine. The family will be there with her to comfort her.”


16 Later that day, they decided to take a break and explore some of the forest. Jenna the lioness heard a noise coming from the nearby bushes. Jenna was scared, “Mia, John, what is that sound?” John was not sure and went to explore. John walked towards the bushes and out came a little tiger. The tiger spoke, “I hope I didn’t scare you.” John laughed, “No, you didn’t.” The tiger answered, “My name is Tommy. What is your name?” John told the tiger and he introduced everyone else.


18 Tommy the Tiger was curious, “You all have such wonderful names and seem so nice. Where are you heading?” John told him about Peru, and the water from the magical waterfall. Tommy told them he knew about the waterfall and would be their guide. John and Mia shouted, “We would love to have you come with us!”


20 George the monkey asked Tommy, “Where is your family?” Tommy the tiger was sad, “I am on my own now. I have no family.” Bubba the brave dog told Tommy the tiger that he had a family now. Tommy the tiger was thankful and glad to be part of this family.


22 They finally arrived at the magical waterfall and got the water. Then, they went home and gave the water to their mother. Immediately, she looked a lot better. Then Mia went outside and announced, “We have a new member to the family, and his name is Tommy the tiger. They all lived happily ever after.

23 My name is Destiny Johnson, and I am a sophomore at The Lawrence County Career & Technical Center. I am enrolled in the Restaurant Trades, and I am from the New Castle Area School District.

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