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IMG-S for H2020

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1 IMG-S for H2020

2 What is IMG-S ? Open forum bringing together security researchers from Industry, SMEs, Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and Universities Enlisted 230 members from 119 organizations representing 24 countries (Member States or Associated) IMG-S participants have extensive experience in European Union security research since 2001 first actions and are active participants of the security theme Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) 2

3 IMG-S Goals To build a common understanding between academia, industry and end-users towards identifying R&T priorities that may answer to the European security needs and gaps To combine expertise on various technologies and to propose priorities for future research topics under EC/EU programmes for the security domain at all levels Define a long term view on the priorities for research in the security domain Work in collaboration with a number of existing and recognized organizations in the security domain, such as ASD, EOS, EUROTECH, ENLETS, … To support the European Commission and its Member States to build European technological capabilities for Security 3

4 PASR (2004-2006) 45 M€ time2013201220112010200920082007200620052004 FP7 Security Theme (2007 -2013) 1400 M€ ESRAB (European Security Research Advisory Board): final report Oct -06 ESRAB (2005-2006) “Group of Personalities” report Mar -04 GoP (2003-2004) ESRIF (2007-2009) ESRIF (European Security Research and Innovation Forum): final report Dec -09 Various national programmes IMG-S Security Research Roadmap Sept 2011 IMG-S in EU Security Research Adapted from EC DG ENTR «Secure societies» in Horizon 2020 (2014-2020) 4

5 IMG-S Structure Two level organization consisting of: A set of technology areas (6 technical areas -TA + 1 Cross technology group - cTA) providing consensual view on research priorities in their own domain. A Synthesis and Coordination Group (SCG) consisting of policy experts and representatives from the TAs to orient the work and develop a holistic security research view translating the technology viewpoints in to mission priorities. 5

6 IMG-S achievements Promotion and discussion of IMG-S research topics at the FP7-Security Advisory Group Table of Critical Technologies for Communications, CBRNE, and Protection, Neutralisation, Restoration IMG-S Security Research Roadmap for 2013-18 IMG-S Position Paper for H2020 Preparation of a database on EU SEC research priorities 6

7 IMG-S achievements Extact from table of Critical Technologies for Communications, Resilience and CBRNE TA2 Communications (a) Provision of wide networks, both fixed and mobile; (b) High data rate throughput (LTE and dynamic use of spectrum); (c) Constant access to communications assets; (d) Assurance of information security; (e) Mobility; (f) Localization of people (especially first responders), equipment and resources; (g) Interoperability TA4 Resilience (a) European security of supply of key enabling materials such as detection and personal protection technologies (b) Long endurance Portable Power and Energy Management (c) Localisation technologies in urban areas under GPS denied environments (d) Technologies to support autonomous platforms for crisis and border management TA6 CBRNE (a) High power optical systems (for detection at distance); (b) Even higher energy density systems (nuclear) for the detection of hidden materials; (c) Lower energy (THz) systems for the detection of hidden materials; (d) Specific biological material sensing with no false positives, for the detection of biological threats; (e) Biological material sensing with certain detection, for decontamination; (f) Specific chemical detection systems; (g) Broad spectrum biological detection to classify unknown threats. 7

8 IMG-S achievements IMG-S Security Research Roadmap for 2013-18 8 (available on )

9 IMG-S achievements IMG-S Position Paper for H2020 This Position Paper presents the IMG-S view of research priorities for Horizon 2020. Its research topics are further described in the Paper’s sections pertaining to the respective IMG-S Technical Area or Working Group. When applicable, critical technologies are also presented. 9 (available on

10 IMG-S supports the symbiosis between technological and societal approaches of security Security is a difficult to manage human right Universal Declaration Article 3: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” Link (interdependence) with Liberty is explicit Emergence of new “systemic” security technology experts able to think “soft science” In H2020 projects, the societal needs should be considered with respect to the Technology Readiness Level. 10

11 Conclusion A main achievement of the EC FP7 Security Theme has been the constitution of a wide and heterogeneous community of Security Researchers in Europe. IMG-S offers to this community of researchers from the industry, SMES, RTOs, Academia a place to define together converging lines The IMG-S community is ready to contribute a successfull H2020 11

12 12 Thank You ! Contact IMG-S at

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