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The Ordinary World Stage 1 of the Journey: The Ordinary World Int roduced to the hero and become acquainted with him Given the opportunity to experience.

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1 The Ordinary World Stage 1 of the Journey: The Ordinary World Int roduced to the hero and become acquainted with him Given the opportunity to experience the world through the hero's eyes Discover hero's special gifts (or flaws) Discover the hero's inner and outer problems. Formulate the Central Dramatic Question (which will disrupt the world and begin the journey Understand the hero must enter the special world to solve the problem, and answer the dramatic question. Decide if this ordinary world is a safe haven for hero or not Discover the ordinary world's rules for the hero.

2 The Ordinary World Stage 2 of the Journey: The Call to Adventure Disrupts the comfort of the Hero's Ordinary World Presents a challenge or quest that must be undertaken Throws the Ordinary World off balance Often establishes the stakes involved if the challenge is rejected Often delivered by the "Herald" archetype (a message, announcement, sudden storm, a man's dying words, the arrival of the villain, an abduction) May need to be delivered to the hero several times before the hero decides to answer the call May present a new conflict for the hero (the plea to stay versus the call to go) May be the hero's only means of escape (into the special world)

3 The Ordinary World Stage 3 of the Journey: The Refusal of the Call The hero may refuse the call because of fears and insecurities (fear of change, fear of unworthiness, fear of failure, etc.) The refusal highlights the risks involved in entering the special world, the stakes that are involved The refusal creates suspense: if the hero does not accept, the audience/reader will not be a part of the journey The hero may not refuse the call (perhaps his allies, friends, threshold guardians communicate the fear and the stakes to the reader/audience) The hero may refuse the call several times, and each call escalates the stakes, until the Hero has no choice but to accept.

4 The Ordinary World Stage 4 of the Journey: Meeting the Mentor The mentor provides the hero with confidence, insight, advice, training, or magical gifts to overcome the hero's initial fears to face the threshold of the adventure. The mentor provides knowledge (as needed) because the mentor has survived to deliver that knowledge to the hero. The mentor comes in many shapes and forms (a physical person, an animal, a ghost, an object such as a map, logbook or hieroglyphics, an inner code of honor or conscience--the latter is often seen in Westerns)

5 The Ordinary World meets the Special World Stage 5 of the Journey: Crossing the Threshold The hero has overcome his initial fears, has found a guide, or has received a swift kick in the rear from the mentor. The crossing signifies the hero has committed to the journey. The hero must confront an event that forces him to commit. At this stage, there is no turning back. The crossing re-establishes our Central Dramatic Question that propels the story forward. The crossing raises the stakes forcing the hero into action. Outside forces may push or pull the hero into the special world (a maelstrom, a portal, an abduction, a chase, etc.) Internal forces may push or pull the hero into the special world, as well (the search for enlightenment, family, belonging, ambition, as well as self- sacrifice) The hero may need no help; he may cross the threshold guns blazing.

6 The Special World: St age 6 of the Journey: Tests, Allies and Enemies The hero learns the rules of the special world The hero continues training to adapt to those rules The audience/reader sees the Special World for the first time and can begin to compare/contrast that world with the hero's Ordinary World The hero needs to learn who can be trusted (forges allies or an entire hero team, teams up with a sidekick, encounters the villain or agents of the villain, or discovers a rival to his goal) The hero prepares to face "The Ordeal" The hero's commitment to the journey may be tested (the hero may question himself) The hero may need additional training/advice from the mentor

7 Maverick Iceman Goose The Hero The Rival The Sidekick

8 The Special World: St age 7 of the Journey: Approach to the Inmost Cave (The Heart of the Journey) The hero may need time to research maps, rebuild his/her force, make plans, do recconnaisance, whittle down enemy forces, or make a bold approach The hero may require "quiet time" to reflect, spend time with a love interest, or joke around The story may either give the audience/reader a small relief from the suspense or heighten it The hero may experience setbacks (hence, heightening the suspense)

9 The Special World: Stage 8 of the Journey: The Ordeal The hero engages in the ordeal (the central life-or death crisis) The hero confronts his most difficult challenge A shapeshifter may arise in this stage The hero experiences "death"; either the taste of it (severe wound) or death of a close ally The journey teeters on the brink of failure; will the hero survive? Only through this "death" can the hero be reborn, granting him even greater powers The hero may either defeat the villain in this phase or "outwit" the villain to retrieve the reward. (Only to face greater forces in the Journey's second half) In romance, the ordeal can be a moment when a Shapeshifting lover suddenly reveals a dark side that attempts to destroy the hero In romantic comedy, the ordeal can be the break-up of a relationship

10 The Special World: Stage 9 of the Journey: The Reward The hero has survived death, overcome his greatest fear, slain the dragon, weathered the Crisis of the Heart, and now earns the Reward that he sought Forms of the reward: a treasure, an elixir, a sword, reconciliation with the a lover, greater knowledge The hero may earn reward outright, or may be justified in stealing it The hero celebrates at this stage (and the audience/readers have a moment to catch their breath) before the journey resumes

11 The Special World back to Ordinary World: Stage 10 of the Journey:The Road Back Involves a recommitment to completing the Journey back into hero's ordinary world (may be a difficult transition) Like "Crossing the Threshold" needs an event that will push the hero back over threshold Again, reestablishes the Central Dramatic Question, and heightens the stakes (must return to ordinary world in time to save it, be chased out of the special world, recover the elixir the villain has snatched back) May involve internal conflict (answering the higher cause versus personal matters of the heart)

12 The Special World back to Ordinary World: Stage 11 of the Journey:The Resurrection The hero engages in his/her most dangerous conflict, a life-or-death meeting The hero applies all of his training and knowledge gained in the special world to the ordinary world (a blending of his/her former self and hero self) The hero suffers a type of "death" (emotional, spiritual, physical, temporary surrender) The hero must deliver the elixir (the two shots to the Death Star) to save the ordinary world Much more is at stake in this final showdown than the life of the hero; other lives in one or both worlds are at stake The hero must prove he has achieved Hero Status--may even be asked to sacrifice his life Other allies may show up last-minute to aid the hero, but in the end the Hero must rise to the challenge himself

13 The Special World back to Ordinary World: Stage 12 of the Journey: Return with the Elixir The hero has been resurrected,purified and has earned the right to be accepted back into the Ordinary World He shares the elixir from his journey which heals a wounded land/people His death (as the elixir) can heal a land/people (matyr) Elixirs (treasure, antidote, DeathStar schematics, love, wisdom, "I do,") This stage most often completes the journey--provides the resolution to the journey Restores balance to the Ordinary World The hero may embark on a new adventure or become a mentor

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