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Chapter 6: Civil War and Reconstruction

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1 Chapter 6: Civil War and Reconstruction
Core Lesson 4: Reconstruction

2 Plans for Reconstruction
President Lincoln and Congress disagreed about how to rebuild the South. Reconstruction The period when the South rejoined the Union Very difficult to agree Some wanted to make it easy for the South to rejoin Others wanted to punish the South

3 Plans for Reconstruction
Lincoln’s plan Allow defeated states to set up new state gov’t and rejoin quickly Radical Republicans disagreed Hoped to use Reconstruction to protect rights of African Americans

4 Plans for Reconstruction
Lincoln’s Death April 14, 1865 Ford’s Theater in Washington John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln b/c he was angry about South’s defeat Lincoln died next day His assassination shocked the nation Murder of an important leader

5 Plans for Reconstruction
Review: What was Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction?

6 Reconstruction Hi kiddos! Love, Mrs. Manuel! I miss Homestead!
Congress took control of Reconstruction from President Andrew Johnson. Southern states’ new government Forced to abolish slavery Passed laws called Black Codes Limited rights of former slaves to travel, vote, and work in certain jobs

7 Reconstruction Radical Republicans upset Congress fights back
By Black Codes Johnson allowed former Confederate leaders in Congress Congress fights back Voted against allowing new southern representatives from joining Congress Passed laws to protect freed slaves Created Freedmen’s Bureau An organization that provided food, clothing, medical care, and legal advice to poor blacks and whites

8 Reconstruction Congress Takes Control
1867 – puts South under military rule to force them to obey laws National army soldiers marched into region All men (black and white) allowed to vote 1868 – House of Reps voted to impeach Johnson Charge a gov’t official with a crime Accused him of breaking one of their new laws Did not succeed

9 Reconstruction Carpetbaggers and Scalawags Scalawags Carpetbaggers
Slang for old worthless horse Name for southerners who helped gov’t during Reconstruction Carpetbaggers Name for northerners who traveled south during Reconstruction Reasons Help rebuild Make money Disliked by southerners

10 Review: Why were soldiers sent to the South?
Reconstruction Review: Why were soldiers sent to the South?

11 The Constitution Changes
Congress changed the Constitution to protect the rights of African Americans 3 new amendments added to Constitution Gave national gov’t more power over states Protected rights of African Americans

12 The Constitution Changes
Thirteenth Amendment Ended slavery in USA Ratified (approved) 1865 Fourteenth Amendment Gave citizenship to African Americans States could not limit rights of citizens (no Black Code) “due process of law” = all citizens treated equally States had to ratify in order to rejoin Union

13 The Constitution Changes
Fifteenth Amendment Guaranteed African American men the right to vote Ratified 1870 Had an effect right away African Americans had a part in gov’t even as leaders Created first public schools for whites and blacks in South 16 African Americans joined US Congress Blanche K. Bruce and Hiram Revels = 2 of the first black senators

14 The Constitution Changes
The Struggle for Rights Continues Amendments did help, but not solve, the nation’s problems Some (in North and in South) did not want African Americans to vote or have equal rights Some laws were ignored

15 The Constitution Changes
Review: Why did Congress pass the Fourteenth Amendment?

16 Why It Matters… During Reconstruction, the nation’s laws became firer, with new constitutional protection for citizens’ rights and freedoms.

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