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Speech to the Virginia Convention

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1 Speech to the Virginia Convention
By: Patrick Henry Page 102

2 What might be seen as a logical fallacy in Henry’s declaration?
He oversimplifies the issue by presenting only two extreme choices. This is often called either/or fallacy.

3 Figurative language is often used to support an emotional appeal
Figurative language is often used to support an emotional appeal. What metaphor does Henry use here and how does it illustrate his argument? He calls the past experience of British oppression the only “lamp” that the colonists have to illuminate the future and implies that those who are hopeful about the conduct of the British are walking blindly in the dark.

4 Rephrase the sentence “These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort.” using simpler words and sentence structure. These are preparations for war, which is the way kings ultimately settle arguments.

5 One effective technique of persuasion is to anticipate and counter an opponent’s arguments. What arguments does Henry forestall here? He forestalls the claim that there is an innocent motive for England’s accumulation of military force, by pointing out that there is no other enemy that England might be preparing to engage in the region. He answers those who will say that the colonies should try argument, or negotiation. He also answers those who will say that the colonies should try supplication.

6 A periodic sentence is one in which the main clause is postponed until the end. What is the effect of this one? The sentence builds to a conclusion, to a dramatic climax.

7 What technique is Henry using here? Why?
Repetition To stress his main idea, “we must fight!” He even announces this intention—”I repeat it, sir”—to pound the point home.

8 Where does Henry use the same technique in the next paragraph?
In the last two sentences

9 What kind of appeal is Henry making here? What two points is he making?
This is a highly emotional appeal His points are without liberty, life and peace are worthless; he is willing to risk his own life for liberty.

10 An effective persuasive speech will usually have a memorable conclusion or peroration. Just as a piece of music might conclude with a loud and intense passage, so Henry’s speech crests at the end. What makes Henry’s conclusion so memorable? He is willing to die for liberty. The direct choice he offers is stark and powerful.

11 Homework Page 105 Reading check Questions 1-5 (a-c)

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