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Hertfordshire County Council

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1 Hertfordshire County Council

2 Hertfordshire County Council BULLYING

3 Hertfordshire County Council Definition Bullying definitions usually contain 3 elements: 1. The behaviour is intended to cause distress 2. There is an imbalance of power between the bully and target 3. The behaviour is repeated

4 Hertfordshire County Council Types of Bullying Can be short term or long term Based on race, gender, appearance, size, material possession, sexuality or any other perceived difference Physical, psychological, social, verbal or via technology in form Intended to threaten, frighten, intimidate, subdue, isolate or create mental or physical harm

5 Hertfordshire County Council Effects of Bullying Targets may feel powerless, isolated, frustrated, worthless, low in self esteem / confidence Targets may start to believe what the bullies say about them is true and may blame themselves The feelings and difficulties associated with being a target can continue into adulthood where their effects can be more powerful

6 Hertfordshire County Council Early Warning Signs Changed behaviour, tearfulness, bad temper, shyness Isolation and being withdrawn Frequent unexplained head or tummy aches Poor concentration and deterioration of work Bullying others may be an indication that someone is being bullied themselves

7 Hertfordshire County Council Where Bullying Flourishes Where it is explicitly or implicitly ignored When pupils receive the impression that it is something they should be able to sort out themselves When victims are seen as bringing it upon themselves It can be hard to react strongly to early warning signs in small children for both parents and staff

8 Hertfordshire County Council Where Bullying is Tackled Pupils feel safe and are encouraged to report incidents, they know where to go for help Parents feel comfortable discussing concerns with staff Staff have the confidence and skills to respond and are supported to do so Bullying is covered in the curriculum

9 Hertfordshire County Council What the research shows Generally, 30% of CYP report being bullied Most CYP report being bullied on account of their appearance, size or weight Psychological forms of bullying are more prevalent than physical forms Internet bullying is increasing

10 Hertfordshire County Council Anti Bullying work across CSF Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) Behaviour & Attendance consultants Educational Psychologists Behaviour Support Teams Healthy Schools PSHE & Citizenship Race Equality

11 Hertfordshire County Council Herts Anti Bullying Initiative (HABI) Joint funded by CSF and Children’s Fund Peer Support Training Peer Support Training DVD Website for young people Restorative approaches

12 Hertfordshire County Council Schools’ obligations Schools are legally required to have an anti bullying policy (or have a section in their behaviour policy at least) Governors are obliged to record, investigate and respond to complaints about bullying made by parents where school staff have been unable to resolve the situation to the parents’ satisfaction Hertfordshire asks schools to record bullying cases and racist incidents and feedback to the authority. This is called the schools Racist Incidents and Bullying Survey and an integrated form to record incidents is provided

13 Hertfordshire County Council Reporting Bullying Schools are required to feedback to the LA on the number of bullying cases on an annual basis through an online survey tool All members of staff should record bullying cases and log them with the co-ordinator It is helpful to record the ethnicity of both target and perpetrator, the motivation or grounds for the bullying and how it was conveyed A standard form for all staff may be useful

14 Hertfordshire County Council Local & National priorities Bullying is a priority in the Staying Safe outcome of Every Child Matters The CYPP 07/08 & Annual Performance Assessment 06 identify HABI as a key achievement & bullying as a priority (CYPP S2) The CSF Service Plan 05/08 and 06 supplement identifies the need to confront and manage bullying and harassment Reducing the number of 11-15 year olds stating they have been bullied in the last 12 months is a stretch target within the Herts LAA 06/07

15 Hertfordshire County Council Key Documents ’Don’t Suffer in Silence’ and The Anti Bullying Charter from the DfES Hertfordshire Anti Bullying Toolkit New DCSF guidance titled ‘Safe to Learn’ includes Bullying around Race, Religion and Culture (2006), Homophobic and Cyber Bullying (Sept 07)

16 Hertfordshire County Council Contact / websites The Grid (schools intranet) (for young people by young people) 01582 830299 / 07785 594794 Also lead on mental health & emotional well being – see

17 Hertfordshire County Council People don’t bully if… They have secure relationships They feel good about themselves They have empathy for others They are emotionally literate Every adult has a part to play in helping kids develop these attributes

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