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Introducing the CFA Program and the CFA Institute March 13, 2009.

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1 Introducing the CFA Program and the CFA Institute March 13, 2009

2 Page 2 Mission of the CFA Institute The global association of investment professionals. We administer the Charter Financial Analsyst (CFA) program, Promote the highest ethical standards, And offer a wide range of educational opportunities around the world.

3 Page 3 Characteristics of the CFA Program Relevance Practice analysis to define curriculum Principles relevant in every market around the world Rigor Work experience requirement (4 years) Only 19% complete the entire 3-exam program Great equalizer Recognition CFA Charter recognized globally

4 Page 4 Global Passport: The CFA Charter Members’ Locations

5 Page 5 Charterholders As of 1 September, there were 82,902 active charterholders worldwide (more than 100,000 have been awarded).

6 Page 6 2007 and 2008 Exam Results December 2008 Over 49,000 candidates took the exam; 35% passed June 2008 More than 92,000 candidates sat for the June 2008 exam Pass rates – 35% at Level I 46% at Level II 53% at Level III December 2007 More than 37,000 candidates sat for Level I in December with a pass rate of 39%

7 Page 7 High Regard for the Charter: The Economist “Whereas there are tens of thousands of finance degrees available around the world, ranging from the excellent to the worthless, there is only one CFA, managed and examined by an American association of financial professionals, the CFA Institute. It used to be just an American qualification. But explosive growth has made it, in effect, global currency.” The Economist 26 Feb.-4 Mar. 2005

8 Introducing CFA Austria Vienna, March 13, 2009

9 9 Society History  Founded in 2001  The 101st „Society“ of CFA Institute  Rapid growth from 15 members to over 200 members today.  On average 20-40 new charterholders per year in Austria!  Name change from ASIP to CFA Austria in 2006

10 10 Vision (1)   We envision a CFA Austria that:  All serious investment professionals in the region aspire to be a part of  Investment professionals go to first when seeking the CFA credential and continuing education  Leads the industry’s thinking in the region in the area of ethics, integrity, and excellence of practice  Partners with its network of strong societies in the region to deliver on the mission  Forever derives its strength and energy from its highly qualified volunteers  In order to achieve this vision various „Stakeholders“ of the Financial Community should be involved.

11 11 Vision (2)   Our vision builds on our beliefs that:  Financial markets should be equitable, free, and efficient so that every investor has a chance to earn a fair return  The interests of the ultimate investor must take precedence over the interests of all other market participants  High ethical principles and self-regulatory standards are as important to market efficiency and fairness as rules and regulations

12 12 Membership Profile

13 13 Stakeholders  Members and CFA Candidates  Universities (Students und Professors)  Media  Potential Employers / Headhunters  Regulators / Stock Exchange / Capital Market  General Investing Public

14 14 Stakeholder Activities  Annual Charter Award Ceremony  Job Platform: Cost efficient way for employers to contact CFA Austria members.  Universities: CFA Austria Prize (Students and Professors)  CFA Exam Preparation: Kickoff – Event for candidate study groups  Outreach Event 2008: The Role of the Rating Agencies in the Sub- Prime Crisis (Media)  Outreach Event 2008: Introducing the CFA Charter Credential (Potential Employers, Headhunters)  Outreach Event 2009: Have regulators failed investors? Roundtable discussion with the FMA, OeNB, and the Vienna Stock Exchange

15 15 CFA Austria Prize on

16 16 CFA Austria Outreach – Media on

17 17 CFA Austria Outreach – Potential Employers/Headhunters in Format, August 2008

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