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Neoplasia Nomenclature

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1 Neoplasia Nomenclature
‘oma’ prefix to all tumors According to tissue of origin Mesenchymal Epithelial Surface epithelium Glandular epithelium Connective tissue Muscle Endothelium

Benign Tumours of Epithelial Origin Benign Tumours of Mesenchymal Origin Connective tissue tumors Fibroma, Lipoma, Chondroma, Osteoma, Myxoma Benign Tumors of Blood Vessels Haemangioma Capillary haemangioma Cavernous haemangioma Lymphangioma Benign Tumors of muscles Leiomyoma (smooth muscles) Rhabdomyoma (striated muscles) Papillomas: Squamous cell papilloma Transitional cell papilloma Columnar cell papilloma Adenomas: Simple adenoma Fibroadenoma Cystadenoma Papillary cystadenoma

3 Neoplasia Nomenclature
Malignant Mesenchymal Epithelial Sarcoma Carcinoma + tissue of origin Fibrosarcoma Osteosarcoma Angiosarcoma Squamous cell Carcinoma Adenocarcinoma

4 Pathology Gross and microscopic Lesson3
Squamous cell papilomas fibroadenoma of the breast Leiomyomata of uterus Capillary haemangioma Cavernous haemangioma Lipoma gross and microscopic Infiltrating duct carcinoma of the breast Cancer colon Papillary Serous Cystadenocarcinoma Renal cell carcinoma

5 multiple small tag of skin some have a stalk
Squamous cell papilomas


7 Squamous cell papiloma

8 Section in a compound papilloma shows branching fibrovascular cores covered by thick hyperplastic stratified squamous epithelium. The epithelium having basal cell hyperplasia, acanthosis (increased prickle cells), parakeratosis (nucleated keratin) and hyperkeratosis (thick keratin layer). Diagnosis: Squamous cell papilloma

9 fibroadenoma of the breast
Part of female breast. There is a well defined capsulated ,lobulated ,grayish white mass (2x2 cm.), surrounded by fibrofatty tissue. Diagnosis: fibroadenoma of the breast )

10 Pericanalicular fibroadenoma

11 Section in a capsulated tumour shows proliferated ducts with rounded or oval cut sections. Their lumens are patent and lined by two layers of cells, outer flat and inner cubical. The ducts are separated by fibrous stroma with delicate blood vessels. Diagnosis: Pericanalicular fibroadenoma,breast.

12 Two submucous masses are seen in the uterine cavity.
An enlarged uterus showing multiple defined tumour masses ranging from lx 1cm up to 5x5 cm. The tumours have grayish white whorly section. Two submucous masses are seen in the uterine cavity. Diagnosis: Leiomyomata of uterus Uterine Leiomyomata


14 Section in a tumour formed of bundles of smooth muscles alternating with bundles of fibrous tissue.
Muscle cell is spindle shaped with rod shaped nucleus. Fibroblast is short spindle cell with large spindle shaped nucleus filling most of the cytoplasm. The cells separated by collagen bundles. Diagnosis: Leiomyoma

15 Smooth muscles in leiomyoma

16 Slightly elevated Bright red area 2x2 cm with intact overlining skin
Capillary haemangioma Slightly elevated Bright red area 2x2 cm with intact overlining skin Diagnosis : Capillary haemangioma

17 Section shows large number of small vascular spaces, round, oval or irregular in shape. Some are empty, others contain red cells. The spaces are lined by flat or prominent endothelial cells and separated by delicate connective tissue stroma. Diagnosis: Capillary haemangioma

18 red-blue elevated spongy mass of tissue filled with blood
Cavernous haemangioma red-blue elevated spongy mass of tissue filled with blood

19 Section skin shows: irregular wide vascular spaces lined by endothelial cells. The spaces contain intact and haemolysed red cells and separated by connective tissue stroma. Diagnosis: Cavernous haemangioma

20 Half of a well defined capsulated yellowish mass (15x9cm), with lobulated greasy yellowish Cut section. Diagnosis: Lipoma

21 Lipoma

22 Section in a caspsulated tumour. The tumour is formed of lobules of
mature fat cells with vaçulated cytoplasm and compressed nuclei (signet ring appearance). The lobules separated by connective tissue septa having well formed blood vessels. Diagnosis: Lipoma

23 Part of female breast. The nipple is retracted. The skin shows peau d’orange (c). The breast is infiltrated by uncapsulated grayish white tumour (a). Diagnosis: Infiltrating duct carcinoma of the breast


25 Section in a tumour formed of irregular small groups and cords of malignant epithelial cells separated by dense fibrous stroma. The malignant cells are rounded or polygonal with large pleomorphic hyperchromatic nuclei. Mitotic figures are present. The fibrous stroma shows well formed blood vessels and lymphocytic infiltrate. Diagnosis: Invasive duct carcinoma

26 An opened colon showing a large malignant ulcer
The ulcer edges have raised rolled well demarcated margins •Center has brown granular necrotic tumor •Adjoining mucosa is delicate Diagnosis : cancer colon


28 Section in the colon showing the mucosa and The submucosa are infiltrated by irregular atypical acini lined by one or more layers of malignant cells having loss of polarity. The malignant cells vary in size and shape. The nuclei are large, hyperchromatic with prominent nucleoli and mitotic figures. Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma ( colon)

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