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The International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change IHDP

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1 The International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change IHDP

2 The ways in which individuals and societies contribute to local, regional and global environmental change are influenced by Global Environmental Change mitigate and adapt to Global Environmental Change Human Dimensions

3 The IHDP sponsors four major international projects: Land-Use and Land-Cover Change (LUCC, together with IGBP) Institutional Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (IDGEC) Global Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS) Industrial Transformation (IT) IHDP Science Projects

4 RESEARCH FOCI Land-Use Dynamics (Comparative Case Study Analysis) Land-Cover Dynamics (Empirical Observations and Diagnostic Models) Regional and Global Integrated Models Land Use & Land Cover Change (LUCC)

5 What drives tropical deforestation? A meta-analysis of proximate causes and underlying sources of Deforestation based on sub-national scale case study evidence An Example of LUCC Research

6 RESEARCH FOCI The Roles of Institutions in Causing and Responding to GEC The Effectiveness of Institutional Innovations in Responding to GEC The Prospects of (Re)designing Institutions to Confront Environmental Challenges Institutional Dimensions of GEC (IDGEC) FLAGSHIP ACTIVITIES carbon management fisheries forestry

7 An Example of IDGEC Research The Carbon Management Research Activity explores the implications of different institutional contexts, rules, and mechanisms in the international carbon management regime. Emissions trading mechanisms and compliance issues are being examined.

8 RESEARCH FOCI Conceptual & Theoretical Issues Environmental Change, Resource Use & Human Security Population, Environment & Security Modelling Regions of Environmental Stress and Human Vulnerability Institutions & Policy Development in Environmental Security GEC & Human Security (GECHS) “SIGNATURE STUDIES” Natural resources and civil wars Environment and Human Security in Russia Vulnerability

9 An example of GECHS research The South African Vulnerability Initiative (SAVI) will develop an integrated framework for understanding the factors that shape vulnerability within southern Africa including dynamics across spatial and temporal scales and the impacts of multiple stressors. It will seek to integrate its work with policy formulation.

10 RESEARCH FOCI Energy and Material Flows Food (Production and Consumption) Cities and Industrial Transformation (Focus on Water and Transport in Urban context) Information and Communication Governance and Transformation Processes Industrial Transformation (IT)

11 An Example of IT Research The project on Carbon Flows between Eastern and Western Europe – Identifies mutually beneficial policies for Eastern and Western Europe and examines the effects of policy measures on the flows of carbon and related investments.

12 Urbanisation IHDP Newsletter 03/02 Theme: Urbanisation Scoping activity ongoing for an integrative project focusing on the human dimensions of urbanisation

13 Monitoring IHDP Newsletter 02/02 Theme: Monitoring Development of a Sustainability Geoscope - A monitoring and documentation centre for the interlinkages between natural and human dimensions of the Earth System

14 Demand and Supply The demand for research, capacity building and network strengthening for the human dimensions of global environmental change is increasing. IHDP is responding to the research needs identified in IPCC TAR BUT The financial support for human dimensions research, co-ordination, and capacity building are decreasing as quickly as the demand increases!

15 Publications & Outreach IHDP Annual Report 2001 2002 IHDP Update Newsletters

16 Outreach New IHDP Website: http://www.ihdp.org

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