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Dr Christine Hoffmann Director UCL Language Centre

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1 Dr Christine Hoffmann Director UCL Language Centre
University Preparatory Certificate for Science and Engineering (UPCSE) at UCL Language Centre Dr Christine Hoffmann Director UCL Language Centre

2 UPCSE at UCL Reasons and Rationale
To allow high-ability international students to prepare for access to UK universities (rigorous entry testing in science subjects and English); Pre-university course taught at university (full-time UCL students, use of all facilities including laboratories, quality assurances) - best preparation for academically demanding university programmes; Integrated teaching and learning in English for Academic Purposes, Academic Research Skills and Science; Close liaison of UCL science departments (convenors) with UCL Language Centre in terms of syllabus design and assessment structure.

3 UPCSE Students – Profile and Performance
Students come from a range of countries with specific entry profiles (see handout); Approximately 50% of participants apply to and study at UCL (see handout); Only the most able students are selected to study at UCL; Students can apply to other leading UK universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE) that have programmes not offered by UCL; Evidence that UPCSE students are in the top group of their year on undergraduate degree programmes.

4 UPCSE Staffing Science lecturers (qualified to teach Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics and have a PGCE as well as ‘A-level’ teaching experience); English for Academic Purposes (EAP) lecturers (DELTA qualified, MA, experience of teaching international students); EAP/Science and Society plus Science Coordinators; Educational Adviser; Senior Administrators, Course Administrators and ICT Staff; Convenors (from UCL departments); Market Development Officer.

5 UPCSE Teaching and Timetables (Students)
Compulsory subjects include two science modules and EAP/Science & Society modules; Sciences - 2 one-hour lectures a week and a number of small group weekly tutorials (academic problem-solving and discussion forum) and weekly laboratory sessions (2-3 hours per week); Lecture review sessions (one hour per week per subject); EAP – nine hours per week plus personal tutorials (academic progress and welfare issues); Science & Society and Research Skills (2-3 hours per week); Field trips (Biology and other Science subjects); Student timetable (see handout).

6 UPCSE Teaching and Timetables (Staff)
Team meetings (weekly), Teaching Committee Meetings, Staff Student Consultative Meetings; Programme Review and Development (syllabi, assessment structure, follow-up from external examiners’ feedback); Staff Development.

7 Further Preparatory Certificate Developments
University Preparatory Certificate for the Humanities; Graduate Preparatory Certificate for the Humanities (Pre-Master’s Programme).

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