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Parker SDMT November 21, 2013 Parent Survey results.

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1 Parker SDMT November 21, 2013 Parent Survey results

2 Notes: Approximately 150 students are represented by the survey results. Not all questions were answered on every survey. Questions 12 & 21 are averages of the total responses. The actual data that supports the graphs is on the handouts. Shaded lines on the data indicate highest # of responses for the questions.

3 1. Based upon the schoolwork coming home, how challenging are the lessons in your child’s classroom?

4 2. How well do you feel Parker School has prepared your child for his/her current academic year?

5 3. To what extent do you know how your child is doing in school?

6 4. Parker School is providing frequent communication between school and home using different methods. Check any that apply to you. Other: Charts or logs kept at home

7 5. How often does your child’s teacher provide home activities?

8 6. Do you feel your child’s home activities support classroom learning?

9 7. How much writing is involved in your child’s homework?

10 8. My child’s writing assignments involve work with the following:

11 9. How comfortable do you feel sharing ideas and/or concerns with Parker staff?

12 10. Do you feel Parker staff responds to your ideas and/or concerns in a timely manner?

13 11. How have you supported Parker School?

14 12. On average, how many hours of sleep do you offer your child each school night?

15 13. How often is your child at school to attend morning program? (Morning program begins at 8:25am) Those who answered never indicated their children are on the bus.

16 14. How often does your child read for fun at home?

17 15. How often do you have reading time with your child?

18 16. Do you attend scheduled parent/teacher conferences?

19 17. Are you comfortable asking your child’s teacher for a conference?

20 18. In addition to the parent/teacher conferences, how often did you meet with your child’s teacher at Parker School?

21 19. How often do you have conversations with your child about what his/her class is learning at school?

22 20. Do you have a time and a place set aside for your child to complete homework?

23 21. How much time do you set aside for homework on a nightly basis? GradeK123456 As much as needed31 169 2 Varies2 28

24 22. How often do you check that your child’s homework is complete?

25 23. Please check any of the parent support activities below in which you may be interested in participating:

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