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Home Learning Timetable 2014-2015 ARK William Parker Academy Aspire - Achieve - Succeed.

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1 Home Learning Timetable 2014-2015 ARK William Parker Academy Aspire - Achieve - Succeed

2 Year 7 Week 1 Monday Maths Science Sc4 Computer Science 7S/Cp1 Tuesday Science 7Sc 1,2,3,5 History 7L1/Hi1 Computer Science 7S/Cp4 Religious Education 7L2/RE1 Wednesday History 7L1/Hi2 Art 7D2/Ar1, 7D2/Ar3 and 7D2/Ar4 Computer Science 7S/Cp2 Religious Education 7L1/RE1 and 7L2/RE3 Thursday Design Technology 7D1/DT3 Art 7D1/Ar1, 7D1/Ar2 and 7D2/Ar2 Spanish 7L1/Sp1 and 7L1/Sp2 Friday English History 7L2/Hi1 and 7L2/Hi2 Computer Science 7S/Cp3 Week 2 Monday Maths Geography 7L1/Gg1, 7L1/Gg2 and 7L2/Gg3 Religious Education 7L1/RE2 Spanish 7L2/Sp1 and 7L2/Sp2 Tuesday Science 7Sc 1,2,3,4,5 Design Technology 7D1/DT1 and 7D2/DT2 Wednesday Computer Science 7S/Cp5 Religious Education 7L2/RE2 Thursday Design Technology 7D1/DT2 and 7D2/DT4 History 7L2/Hi3 Art 7D1/Ar3 Friday English Design Technology 7D2/DT1 and 7D2/DT3 Geography 7L2/Gg1 and 7L2/Gg2 Aspire - Achieve - Succeed

3 Year 8 Week 1 Monday Maths Design Technology 8D/DT6 Computer Science 8D/Cp1 and 8D/Cp3 Tuesday Design Technology 8D/DT3 Art 8D/Ar4 Computer Science 8D/Cp2 and 8D/Cp6 Geography 8L/Gg3 and 8L/Gg5 Wednesday Science Design Technology 8D/DT5 Art 8D/Ar1, 8D/Ar2 and 8D/Ar3 Computer Science 8D/Cp4 French Thursday Design Technology 8D/DT4 Art 8D/Ar5, 8D/Ar6 Friday English History 8L/Hi1 and 8L/Hi5 Week 2 Monday Maths Computer Science 8D/Cp5 TuesdaySpanish Wednesday Science Religious Education 8L/RE4 Thursday History 8L/Hi4 Geography 8L/Gg1, 8L/Gg2 and 8L/Gg4 Religious Education 8L/RE2, 8L/RE3 and 8L/RE5 Friday English Design Technology 8D/DT1 and 8D/DT2 History 8L/Hi2 and 8L/Hi3 Aspire - Achieve - Succeed

4 Year 9 Week 1 Monday Design Technology 9D2/DT4 History 9L1/Hi1, 9L2/Hi1 and 9L2/Hi2 Art 9D2/Ar3 Religious Education 9H1/RE3 and 9H2/RE4 Geography 9H1/Gg2 Tuesday Maths Design Technology 9D2/DT3 Art 9D2/Ar2 Religious Education 9H1/RE1 and 9H1/RE2 Wednesday Design Technology 9D1/DT2 Art 9D2/Ar1 and 9D2/Ar4 Computer Science- All 9C1 classes Religious Education 9H2/RE1 Thursday Science Religious Education 9H2/RE2 Geography 9H1/Gg4 Friday English Design Technology 9D1/DT3 History 9L2/Hi4 Religious Education 9H2/RE3 Geography 9H1/Gg3 Week 2 Monday History 9L1/Hi4 and 9L2/Hi3 Art 9D1/Ar1 and 9D1/Ar3 Geography 9H1/Gg1, 9H2/Gg1 and 9H2/Gg2 Tuesday Maths Design Technology 9D2/DT1 History 9L1/Hi2 and 9L1/Hi3 Computer Science- All 9C2 classes Religious Education 9H1/RE4 Geography 9H2/Gg3 Wednesday Design Technology 9D1/DT4 Spanish Thursday Science Design Technology 9D1/DT1 Art 9D1/Ar2 and 9D1/Ar4 Geography 9H2/Gg4 Friday English Design Technology 9D2/DT2 Aspire - Achieve - Succeed

5 Year 10 Week 1 Monday Business 10D and 10C Food Technology 10A1 Art 10D Computer Science 10A and 10D Religious Education 10A/RE1 Tuesday Science and 10S1/Bi1 & 10S1/Bi2 Business 10B Food Technology 10B1 Geography 10C Wednesday Maths History 10B GCSE PE Science 10S1/Ch2 Thursday Graphic Design 10B1 Art 10A Geography 10B French 10B Spanish 10B Friday English Drama Graphic Design 10C1 History 10A Science 10S1/Ch1, 10A/Ph1 & 10c/Ph1 Week 2 Monday Food Technology 10A3 History 10B Religious Education 10A/RE1 Geography 10B Science 10S1/Bi1 Tuesday Science and 10S1/Ch2 Geography 10D Wednesday Maths Product Design 10A1 History 10A Science 10S1/Bi2 & 10A/Ph1 Thursday Product Design 10C1 Geography 10C French 10B Spanish 10B Food Technology 10C1 Science 10S1/Ch1 Friday English Drama Spanish 10C and 10D Science 10C/Ph1 Aspire - Achieve - Succeed

6 Year 11 Week 1 Monday Economics 11B Business 11B Food Technology 11B2 Geography 11C Tuesday Business 11A and 11C Drama Computer Science and ICT GCSE PE 11P1 Science 11S2/Ch1 Wednesday Maths Spanish History 11C Religious Education 11C/RE1 Thursday Science-All classes, 11S1/Bi1 & 11S2/Bi1 Food Technology 11B1 GCSE PE 11P2 Geography 11B Friday English Science 11D/Ph1 & 11D/Ph2 Food Technology 11A1 Resistant Material 11A History 11A and 11B Geography 11A French Week 2 Monday History 11C Geography 11C Tuesday Drama GCSE PE 11P1 and 11P2 Science 11S1/Ch1 & 11S2/Ch1 Wednesday Maths Art 11B and 11C Religious Education 11C/RE1 Thursday Science -All 11S2 classes & 11S2/Bi1 Food Technology 11A1 and 11B2 History 11A and 11B Geography 11B Friday English Science-All 11S1 classes, 11S1/Bi1, 11D/Ph1 & 11D/Ph2 French Graphic Design 11A Geography 11A Spanish Aspire - Achieve - Succeed

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