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Performance Evaluations. VPVolunteersPresident PROCESS.

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1 Performance Evaluations

2 VPVolunteersPresident PROCESS

3 Agenda: 1)Tips for an effective appraisal 2)How to conduct the interview 3)How to handle criticism 4)Ensuring improved performance

4 Problems to avoid: –Halo effect –Central tendency –Strictness/leniency –Appraisal bias –Recency effect –Similar-to-me-bias

5 Effective appraisal: –Define individual dimensions –More than one appraiser –Provide corrective guidance –Keep a copy of the appraisal

6 Conducting the interview: 1.Be direct and specific 2.Do not get personal 3.Encourage the person to talk 4.Develop an action plan

7 Handling Criticism and Defensiveness: 1.Recognize that defensive behaviour is normal 2.Never attack person’s defences 3.Postpone action 4.Recognize human limitations

8 Improved Performance: 1.Notify performance is unacceptable 2.Reasonable expectations 3.Take corrective measures 4.Avoid sending mixed messages 5.Provide time to improve 6.Support improvement

9 Dates Performance Appraisals are due [DUE DATE] at Midnight to HR. Evaluations or VPs [DUE DATE]

10 Questions?

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