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Cross-Cultural Business Communication

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1 Cross-Cultural Business Communication
The CCBC project aims at establishing an ICT based environment whereby an international network of institutions/ teachers/ students provides a setting for students to carry out realistic transactions and negotiations between virtual business enterprises. It also provides a platform for practicing business English communication skills, ICT skills and for enhancing students’ ICC skills. Based on an integrated skills approach and process learning methods, the CCBC teaching module - a cross-curricular teaching module - leads the students through near real-life assignments, intertwining business English, Call, ICC with business communication insights.

2 The CCBC Project structure
The CCBC Project Coordination D P I U S B S L E I M S & I H N I A N T G I O N O B J E C T I V S To set up an international network of institutions/teachers/students WP 1 To develop the CCBC teaching module including BE, ICC, CALL WP2/I To develop the CCBC Student’s Book and Student’s Portfolio To refine the application of the CCBC Web page (Forum, DLE) WP 3 To refine teaching methods & develop the CCBC Trainer’s Portfolio WP2/II Piloting of teaching materials and methods, evaluation WP4

3 The CCBC Project 1st Phase
Partner Timing Oct 01- April 02 Meetings May – Sept 02 UP - FHS Coordination Bled Testing Network &Teaching Methods Plymouth CCBC Syllabus, Framework, Units 2, 5,13,14, Self-assessment Grid, CCBC Portfolio SHSWG Gropiusring Student’s, Trainer’s Guidelines BHAK Wien 13 CCBC Portfolio Unit 4, 7, 9 BU – ES Unit 6, 9 TT CCBC Module, Self- assessment Grid, Unit 1, 8, 11 UL – EF Unit 2, 3, 5, 10, 11 ITC G. Marchetti Distance learning exercises Unit 5, 10 ZHS Winterthur Unit 1, 8, 12 UP - FPP Website administration BSSSS Unit 2, 6, 12 UO – EF Additional materials revision The CCBC Project 1st Phase

4 The CCBC Project 2nd Phase UP - FHS Tallinn Koper SHSWG Gropiusring
Partner Timing Oct 02 – May 03 Meetings June – August 03 Dissemination UP - FHS coordination Tallinn Coordination & administration Materials Revision Koper Materials revision & refinement IATEFL Brighton LdV Brussels Piloting SHSWG Gropiusring Testing Teaching Approach BHAK Wien 13 Locally BU – ES Trainer’s Portfolio locally TT Materials refinement & formatting Group coordination UL – EF Group Coordination Unit 3 ITC G. Marchetti CCBC Forum ZHS Winterthur UP - FPP Website administration BSSS UO – EF BC - ELTeCS ASE Copy-right administration UP – FM Unit 6, 8 The CCBC Project 2nd Phase

5 The CCBC Project 3rd Phase Partner Sept - Nov 03 Nov 03 – Jan 04
Publishing UP - FHS coordination Group coordination Piloting CCBC Student’s Portfolio, Student’s Book BHAK Wien 13 Transaction testing CCBC Student’s Portfolio Tutoring BU – ES TT Revision & formatting UL – EF ITC G. Marchetti DLE CCBC Forum administration UP - FPP Website administration DLE, CCBC Best Production BSSS UO – EF Dissemination compilation ASE Piloting - coordination UP – FM CSA Revision & proofreading FHS Koblenz Book of Articles KUT The CCBC Project 3rd Phase

6 Mag. Monika Reismueller
The CCBC partnership Ceram Sophia Antipolis, France Gillian Rosner, prof. PARTNER since 2003 ASE, Romania, Dr. Georgeta Ghiga NW MEMBER since 2003 FHS Koblenz, Germany Dr. Laurent Borgmann PARTNER since 2003 ASE, Romania Estera Romelia Stanus, M.Phil. NW MEMBER since 2003 HS Gropius Germany Gary McManama prof. PARTNER Participating ASE, Romania Anca Codreanu M.Phil. PARTNER since 2001 ITC Marchetti,Italy Antonella Pedretti Prof PARTNER since 2000 BSSS, India Dr.Jagtar Chawla PARTNER since 1999 BHAK WIEN 13, Austria Mag. Monika Reismueller NW MEMBER since 2003 TT- Kuressaare College,Estonia Riia Nelis, prof. NW MEMBER since 2003 BHAK WIEN 13 Auatria Mag.Inge Koch PARTNER since 1999 UL – FPP, Slovenia Roman Starin engineer WEB MASTER since 1999 TT Tallin, Estonia Mari Uibo, M.Phil. PARTNER since 2000 UP – FHS Neva Cebron, M.Phil. COORDINATIOR Since 1999 KTU - FH, Lithuania Dr.Vilmante Lubiniene NW MEMBER since 2003 GS Godolo, Hungary Roxane Cser, prof. PARTNER Participating ZWH Switzerland Nick Bell, MA PARTNER Participating UL – EF, Slovenia Zenja Kansky Rozman, M.Sc. PARTNER since 1999 UZ – EF, Croatia Dr.Visnja Spiljak PARTNER Participating ZWH Switzerland Tessa Murter, prof. PARTNER Participating BUES, Hungary Dr.Tunde Dokos PARTNER Participating BUES, Hungary Reka Jablonkay M.Phil. PARTNER since 2002 UO – EF, Croatia Ljerka Rados, prof. PARTNER since 2000 UP – FM, Slovenia Silva Bratoz, M.Sc. PARTNER since 2002

7 Transactions 2001/02 Group Coordinator
UP – FHS (Slovenia), Neva Cebron sells to TT (Estonia), Mari Uibo BHAK Wien 13 (Austria), Inge Koch BSSSS (India), Jagtar Chawla UO – EF (Croatia), Ljerka Rados ZHS Winterthur (Switzerland), Nick Bell UL – EF (Slovenia), Zenja Kansky Rozman ITC G. Marchetti (Italy), Antonella Pedretti BU – ES (Hungary), Tunde Dokos SHSWG Gropiusring (Germany), Gary McManama

8 Transactions 2002/03 – Group 1 Group Coordinator
TT (Estonia), Mari Uibo sells to UO – EF (Croatia), Ljerka Rados ASE (Romania), Anca Codreanu buys from UP – FHS (Slovenia), Neva Cebron BSSSS (India), Jagtar Chawla BHAK Wien 13 (Austria), Inge Koch

9 Transactions 2002/03 – Group 2 Group Coordinator
UL – EF (Slovenia), Zenja Kansky Rozman sells to ZHS Winterthur (Switzerland), Nick Bell ITC G. Marchetti (Italy), Antonella Pedretti buys from BU – ES (Hungary), Reka Jablonkai SHSWG Gropiusring (Germany), Gary McManama UP – FM (Slovenia), Silva Bratoz

10 Transactions 2003/04 – Fast Track 1 & 2
Group Coordinator BU – ES (Hungary), Reka Jablonkai sells to UL – EF (Slovenia), Zenja Kansky Rozman buys from FHS Koblenz (Germany), Laurent Borgmann Group Coordinator TT (Estonia), Mari Uibo sells to CSA (France), Gillian Rosner buys from UP – FM (Slovenia), Silva Bratoz

11 Transactions 2003/04 – Mellow Track
Group Coordinator UP – FHS (Slovenia), Neva Cebron sells to ASE (Romania), Estera Romelia Stanus KUT (Lithuania), Vilmante Liubiniene buys from ASE (Romania), Gigi Ghiga BSSSS (India), Jagtar Chawla BHAK Wien 13 (Austria), Inge Koch

12 Transactions 2003/04 – Star Track
Group Coordinator ITSC G. Marchetti (Italy), Antonella Pedretti sells to BHAK Wien 13 (Austria), Monica Reismueller KC TT (Estonia), Riia Nelis buys from ASE (Romania), Anca Codreanu UO – EF (Croatia), Ljerka Rados ITC G. Marchetti (Italy), Antonella Pedretti

13 Compilation of a business report and intercultural observations
The CCBC Syllabus Plan INTRODUCTIONS- students, institutions, countries Formal/ Informal registers Giving – getting information Text processing Team building Raising intercultural awareness & Compilation of geo-political data Stereotypes & Cultural identities BE as “lingua franca” Search engines & CCBC Forum National symbols & currencies Setting up a virtual company: assignment of responsibilities and markets Titles & positions Company structure Types of businesses ICC ing Developing a company profile, designing a logo and an advertisement Specialist vocabulary Company’s Vision & Mission Market research Foreign markets HTML applications Transaction chain via enquiry, offer, order… complaint, adjustment CCCCC principles Layout & structure of a business letter Trade terms & conditions Electronic dictionaries & model letters collocations Translation strategies Business meetings, negotiations, telephoning, presentations Specialist vocabulary Types of meetings Negotiating styles Structure of presentations Agendas & minutes Business etiquette Compilation of a business report and intercultural observations Structure of reports Feedback & evaluation Rhetoric patterns Tables, charts, graphs ICT skills for presentations

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