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FACE Conference – The 14 -19 Advanced Diploma – a real progression opportunity?

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1 FACE Conference – The 14 -19 Advanced Diploma – a real progression opportunity?

2 The Story So Far….national  March 2007 HEFCE Pathfinder Project call  November 2007 Training for Gateway 1 and 2 panels  February 2008 Gateway 1 and 2 panels in London  HEFCE request at CHERI evaluation event London LLNs to present to the two Departments  September 2008 Presentation to DIUS/DCSF  November 2008 Presentation to Gateway 3 National conferences – in the North and South of England

3 The Story So Far….local  Staff development  LSC to get data  Visited 3 Diploma Delivery Partnership involved in gateway 1 Society, Health and Development – Hackney, Islington and Newham  Joint meetings of Diploma Delivery Partnerships and Linking London began in July 2008  Led to an interest in the brokerage role of LLNs using Progression Agreements

4 The Story So Far continued.. We are now planning for our sixth DDP meeting in September 2009 to review the year. The group has expanded to include HEIs. Items of interest CPD, the Extended Project, Additional and Specialist Learning, Functional Skills and Work Experience (EBPs) KEY ISSUE: Entry and progression to Higher Education

5 What is a Progression Agreement?  In HEFCE’s words they have been developed to ‘support learners’ legitimate expectation to progress from specific programmes or institutions to other programmes or institutions, and establish the commitment of institutions to meet those expectations’ _________  It requires the sharing of understanding and work around progression which is new for us all

6 What are the benefits of Progression Agreements for Learners?  Clear understanding of course entry requirements  Improved access to courses  Equal and transparent treatment of all applicants  A named person with responsibility for monitoring the effectiveness of the agreement  Support to ensure the successful transition into HE  More informed and better prepared staff  Access to activities such as visits, open days and mentoring

7 What are the benefits of Progression Agreements for Institutions/Consortia?  Clearer mapping of routes into HE  Ability to work jointly on progression issues including curriculum, the extended project etc  Increased understanding amongst staff of the Diploma and its learning style  Informed, better prepared students – IAG  Increased publicity for relevant courses  Improved recruitment and retention

8 Progression Agreement  When we began they covered BTEC Nationals, Access and a range of vocational learning and experience from the workplace  Now being developed, brokered and signed by colleagues keen to bring the same benefits to the DIPLOMA route into HE.

9 Pan London and Nationally  Pan London and Nationally we can benefit from economy of scale and avoid duplication  Can broker Progression Agreements and publicise in advance of diploma delivery  This will reassure parents, learners and DDPs  Brokering the involvement of HE with Diploma delivery staff in curriculum work of the Diplomas, additional specialist learning modules, the extended project

10 The reality of progression… The theoretical ASL offer vs the reality Lack of equity around tariff points required The A Level default- entry profiles Diploma failure?

11 The Linking London support package  Targeted staff development (Roadshows)  IAG guide and series of Diploma publications  E-service- advertised in Autumn 09  Progression routes database  DDP meetings 09/10  Interim progression agreements  Dev. Project Support e.g. IoE, CPD etc

12 Work with our universities in progress… Should have been part of the DDP- now invited Keen to and are getting involved in discussions about curriculum, use of resources, familiarisation with HE etc Progression Agreements allow a clear articulation of requirements – e.g. ‘BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying Engineering Diploma. Maths ‘A’ level not required. Total UCAS tariff 120 points – Guaranteed Offer The Progression Agreement becomes the start of the relationship, part of our armorary

13 How can Lifelong Learning Networks help?  Sharing best practice and what works  Champions of Progression  Employer / SSC links  Ability to work at local, and for the longer term at a strategic, level  An independent perspective

14 Thank you for listening Diploma Team Linking London Lifelong Learning Network Birkbeck, University of London 32 Tavistock Square London WC1H 9EZ 0203 0738388 020 8223 4197 (UEL contact) 0203 0738382

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