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Check, Call and Care.

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1 Check, Call and Care

2 Check Check the scene and person
Is it safe? Fire? Downed electrical wire? Extreme Smoke? What happened? Car accident? Spilled pill bottle? How many people are involved? You might overlook a small child

3 Check Is there immediate danger? Is that telephone pole ready to come down? Should I move the victim? Is anyone else available to help? Can a bystander give you information? Medical bracelet/ necklace? What is wrong? Unconscious? Reassure a conscious victim and get information

4 Check check the scene worksheet.doc

5 Call Call 911 or get a bystander to
Care first? Some instances – drowning, perceived cardiac emergency, child

6 Care Give care until EMS arrives No movement
Monitor breathing and consciousness Help person rest and be comfortable Keep person from too’s – hot/cold Reassure person Give any specific care

7 Call + Care worksheet call care worksheet.doc

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