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Lp 5 Ethical theories presentation Valerie, Matt, Shelley, Chuck 3/23/2009.

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1 Lp 5 Ethical theories presentation Valerie, Matt, Shelley, Chuck 3/23/2009

2 Feminism Based Ethical Theories Often argues that emotions are equally important. Reject universalizing to govern all actions and trying to find one monolithic human nature

3 The Women’s Movement Organized feminism kicked off during the first Women’s Conference held in Seneca falls, America in 1848

4 Mary Wollstonecraft Completed the first work on feminist theory in 1792 Was called the vindication of woman’s rights Dominated the subsequent feminist thought.

5 Industrial Revolution Woman and children moved into the “working role”. 1880-1940 women's participation in working roles increased steadily.

6 There are small children working and many women and men working side by side 1900 about 20% of woman (16-65) were working as defined by the census.

7 Industrial Revolution During WW1 woman were forced to work longer days, work faster and receive less pay.

8 Feminist Theories Liberal Marxist Radical Socialist global

9 Liberal Woman should be granted the same educational and occupational opportunities as men. Women's opportunities are needed to eliminate women’s suffering

10 Marxist Disagree with Liberal feminist Capital causes women’s repression Both men and women have equal economic equality under communism. Men and woman should be paid equal to end subordination

11 Radical Concerns itself with mothering and caring. Not afraid to love herself. Lives only for children and men. Insist that men are primary oppressors.

12 Socialist Women’s status and functions must changed to become man’s equal. Abolition of exploitation is a necessary development for freedom of sexual and reproductive activity.

13 Global U.S feminists struggle to formulate laws to prevent sexual harassment and date rape. Asia and African countries have no access to contraception or family planning services


15 How It Applies More families are bring in 2 incomes, because of the hard economic times. Days of the “House Wife” are over. You are seeing more men staying home and taking the role of the woman. You are seeing woman’s pay rates slowly approaching that of the men’s pay rate.

16 Criticisms Some critics find that feminists are effectively preaching hate against males. Some argue that because of feminism, males are beginning to be oppressed

17 Questions How do you feel feminism has affected you life? Is Feminism needed? Do you agree with feminism and Why?

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