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Dr. Emad Lotfy Lecturer of Anesthesiology

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1 Dr. Emad Lotfy Lecturer of Anesthesiology
Basic life support Dr. Emad Lotfy Lecturer of Anesthesiology

2 1-Early recognition prevents:
Cardiac arrests and deaths. Admissions to ICU. Inappropriate resuscitation attempts. 2-Early CPR. 3-Early defibrillation. 4-Post resuscitation care.

3 Cardiac arrest Definition of cardiac arrest:
sudden cessation of effective pumping action of the heart. Diagnosis: absent pulse in a big artery, apnea, pallor, loss of consciousness

CHECK: Scene, victim CALL : EMS, 123. CARE: A: Airway B: Breathing C: Circulation

5 Figure 1. Adult basic life support algorithm

6 After

7 Figure 2:Check the victim for a response

8 Figure 3. Shout for help

9 Figure 4. Head tilt and chin lift.

10 Figure 5. Head tilt and chin lift in detail.

11 Figure 6. Look listen and. feel for normal breathing

12 Figure 7. The recovery position

13 Figure 8. Place the heel of one hand in the centre of the victim’s chest

14 Figure 9. Place the heel of your other hand on top of the first hand.

15 Figure 10. Interlock the fingers of your hands. Figure 11
Figure 10. Interlock the fingers of your hands. Figure 11. Press down on the sternum 4—5 cm.

16 Figure 12. After 30 compressions open the airway again using head tilt and chin lift.

17 Figure 13. Blow steadily into his mouth whilst watching for his chest to rise.

18 Figure 14. Take your mouth away from the victim and watch for his chest to fall.

19 Figure 15:Recovery position

20 Figure 16

21 Figure 17

22 Figure 18

23 Figure 19 Adult foreign body airway obstruction treatment algorithm.


25 The Heimlich maneuver can be performed with the victim standing (A) or lying down (B). The hands are positioned slightly above the navel and well below the xiphoid process and then pressed into the abdomen with a quick upward thrust. The maneuver may need to be repeated.

26 Thank You

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