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Why AMEC and measurement has never been as important! January, 2015.

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1 Why AMEC and measurement has never been as important! January, 2015

2 An international standard-bearer for communications measurement and education, and a global trade body and professional institute for agencies and communications practitioners. Who is AMEC? The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication AMEC currently has more than 140 members in 41 countries worldwide with international membership chapters in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. The AMEC logo is regarded as an international mark of excellence in the provision of media evaluation and communication research services to clients. 38% growth from 2013 to November, 2014.

3 The AMEC Vision To be the global trade association that creates value for its member companies by defining and demonstrating best practice in communications research and measurement; educating client organizations’ staff at all relevant levels; developing new thought-leadership platforms and serving as a recognized and required authority in this field.

4 Leading the industry through innovation biggest AMEC has grown the International Summit into the biggest measurement event in the world. pioneered AMEC pioneered the first industry study of the measurement sector. spotligh We launched Measurement Week to put the international spotlight on measurement. More More initiatives coming in 2015!

5 AMEC – the voice of our members Our education programme is aimed to grow the market for you by promoting benefits of membership to clients. Industry representation on copyright & content lobbying. We have an EU lobbying campaign running in association with FIBEP. Access to best practice knowledge share. Member discounts - AMEC College and International Summit. Information sharing through webinars and monthly member newsletter.

6 Why measurement is important – trends Growing signs that organisations recognise importance of measurement. Emerging trend for large companies to specify measurement as mandatory part of the PR Brief/procurement requirement A global organisation stipulated in an RFP that ….”Whilst the company is open in its attitude to what metrics should be applied to evaluate media coverage, we believe that evaluation should be guided by the Barcelona Principles”. AMEC regularly approached by procurement specialists asking guidance in preparing tender documents.

7 Change Started With An AMEC Transformative Idea Which Gave The Industry Its first Measurement Framework - The Barcelona Principles.

8 People started to see measurement differently after the Barcelona Principles 1.Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement 2.Measuring the Effect on Outcomes is Preferred to Measuring Outputs 3.The Effect on Business Results Can and Should Be Measured Where Possible 4.Media Measurement Requires Quantity and Quality 5.AVEs are not the Value of Public Relations 6.Social Media Can and Should be Measured 7.Transparency and Replicability are Paramount to Sound Measurement The Barcelona Principles was an AMEC initiative in partnership with PRSA, ICCO, IPR and Global Alliance.

9 AMEC Global Education Initiative international thought-leader A visibility campaign to secure AMEC’s position as an international thought-leader and promote the benefits of communications measurement and analytics

10 Measurement is about education: - Global Education Plan Major 2015 AMEC initiative Practical, multi-strand thought-leadership campaign.  AMEC College (online).  International Speakers Bureau.  Education collaboration with international PR associations.  Measurement Guide with ICCO. http://prguidetomeasurement. org/ http://prguidetomeasurement. org/

11 Professional development – AMEC College AMEC offers online training through the AMEC College. AMEC College Industry-leading International Certificate in Measurement Staff from 30 nationalities have taken the course. Bookings please contact juliewilkinson@amecor juliewilkinson@amecor

12 International Speakers Bureau Key part of AMEC’s work to GROW the market for measurement. Speakers assigned to top international PR podiums including:  PRSA Conference.  ICCO Summit.  Holmes Report Global Summit, Miami.  PRAXIS Conference, India. 12

13 AMEC membership Interest in PR measurement has never been higher. AMEC acts as the industry forum for thought- leadership. Three International Chapters  North America  Europe  Asia Pacific  AMEC Board examining potential for Latam Chapter. We welcome new members becoming involved with our work.

14 Summing up – why join! Credibility and Professionalism AMEC logo is a badge recognised worldwide. AMEC is an agent for change! We lead the industry by educating the marketplace and PR Professionals on research, planning and programme measurement. The only professional body dedicated to communications research and measurement – to grow the industry and educate professionals of the benefits of analtyics. Unique industry forum with international representation of member organisations from over 40 countries worldwide, providing networking with top professionals in the field. Participation in geographical Chapters to provide a local forum for information sharing and advancement.

15 Join experts from around the world! 2015 AMEC International Summit on Measurement. The world’s biggest event on PR measurement. Top client and industry speakers. Outstanding knowledge share. Register now!now Join in on Twitter. #amecsummit#amecsummit

16 Membership inquiries Barry Leggetter, CEO T: +44 1268 412414| M: +44 7748 677 504 | Twitter #AmecOrg| SKYPE: barryleggetter AMEC The global leader in communications measurement.

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