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Plaistow, New Hampshire

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1 Plaistow, New Hampshire
Beede Waste Oil site Plaistow, New Hampshire

2 Story of the site 1926-1962 Waste oil disposal & recycling facility
fuel oil, used oil, antifreeze & cold-patch asphalt batching end of contaminated soil & waste oil deliveries 1994 all business operations cease

3 The Problem 800 drums, 100 above ground storage tanks & 19 underground storage tanks Totalling 3 million gallons 17 piles of contaminated soil Plaistow, solely reliant upon groundwater for drinking water 1983 chemical contamination discovered near the site

4 The Problem cont. Shallow soil (0-2ft) Deeper soil (2ft+) Soil piles
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) & Lead Deeper soil (2ft+) VOCs, PHCs, PCBs + lead Soil piles PCBs & several metals Groundwater contamination extends 2000ft+, seep into nearby Brook Mostly VOCs

5 Clean-up options (those not employed)
Capping of soil In-situ Redox Manipulation Permeable reactive barriers On-site thermal desorption Air Sparging

6 Clean-up methods employed
All known containers of contaminants removed 120 ft long oil interceptor trench installed Contaminated soil excavated & removed for treatment/disposal Deep soil (>10 ft deep) treated with Soil Vapour Extraction

7 Soil Vapour Extraction
System includes Blower Moisture knock-out drum Inter-connecting pipes Blower unit creates vacuum for system Transmitted via pipe network to recovery points Contamination extracted passes through moisture separation tank Then through blower, removes water vapour & particulates Vapour then discharged into atmosphere

8 Clean-up methods employed cont.
Groundwater extracted from shallow aquifer Extraction system – 7 wells 5 ‘near source’ to capture contaminant plumes Collected water treated to remove VOCs by Air stripping

9 Air Stripping Process of forcing air through polluted water
Large tank filled with packing material Plastic Steel Ceramics Chemicals evaporate & are collected at top of tank

10 Treatment continues… Proposed and currently ongoing clean-up processes will take in the region of 15 years to meet on-site clean-up targets. 5 years before goals for groundwater in the vicinity of residential areas will be met.

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