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By Agatha Christie Reported by : Lance Tiu.  Queen of the Golden Age detective and mystery novels.  Dame of the British Empire.  September 15, 1890.

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1 by Agatha Christie Reported by : Lance Tiu

2  Queen of the Golden Age detective and mystery novels.  Dame of the British Empire.  September 15, 1890 – January 2, 1976  Born in Torquay, England.  Married in 1914 to Archie Christie, a W.W. I pilot.  First Novel “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” published in 1920 featured Hercule Poirot, known for his waxy moustache, eccentricities and quick mind.  Wrote over 66 novels, short stories, screenplays and series romance novels under the pen name of Mary Westmacott

3 Murder on the Orient Express is a mystery book that deals with the solving the case of the murder of Ratchett who was one of the passengers on board the Orient Express.

4  The story occurred sometime during the winter of 1925 to 1933 when the book was being written by Agatha Christie.  The setting began on the Taurus Express, which is a train bound for Stamboul and then on a train from Stamboul to London, the Orient Express.

5  Hercule Poirot boards the Taurus Express to Stamboul but upon arrival realizes that he had to go back to London thus requiring him to take the Orient Express.  While on board the Orient Express, Hercule Poirot found himself in the midst of a murder case involving one of the passenger named Ratchett.  With the aid of 2 of his friends, M. Bouc and Dr. Constantine, Hercule Poirot tried to solve the murder of Ratchett.  Hercule Poirot discovered the relation of each passengers on board to Daisy Armstrong who was a victim of kidnapping and was later killed after the ransom was paid.

6  Known for his short stature and long curly moustache. He is very intelligent and a brilliant detective.  Retired Belgian police officer  Independently wealthy and his decisions are not always subject to laws.  Moral and intellectual superhero.  Always abides by what his conscience dictates of him.  Puts Moral Law first which means that the general sense of right and wrong supersedes any man written laws.

7  Director of Compagnie Wagon Lits  Worked for the Belgian police force with Poirot  Provides comic relief in the novel  The only person not involve in the plot to kill Ratchett.

8  Coroner aboard the Orient Express.  He is the sidekick of M. Bouc and Hercule Poirot.  He examines the body of Ratchett and determines when he could have been killed.

9  Cool and efficient but extremely passionate woman.  Most attractive and interesting female in the Orient Express.  Daisy Armstrong’s governess.  Instrumental in planning the murder of Ratchett.  In love with Colonel Arbuthnot

10  Famous Actress and grandmother of Daisy Armstrong.  Provides constant interruption and diversion on the train.  Known for her stories about her daughter.  Comedy of American Woman.  Character is loud and needs constant attention and embraces Western Ideals.

11  Best friend of Colonel Armstrong who is the father of Daisy Armstrong.  Hard willed, polite and very English.

12  A Russian princess.  Despicable, ugly, old lady.  Owner of the famous “H” handkerchief found in Ratchett’s room.  Godmother of Daisy Armstrong’s mother ( Sonia Armstrong ).

13  Ratchett’s personal secretary.  In cahoots with the Armstrong family to murder Ratchett.  Devoted to Sonia Armstrong.  McQueen’s father was the district attorney for the kidnapping case.  He is aware of Cassetti’s ( Ratchett ) escape from justice.

14  Real name is Cassetti.  Kidnapped and murdered Daisy Armstrong for money.  Was able to escape punishment in the U.S.  Tried to seek the services of Hercule Poirot due to the fact that he was receiving threatening letters and that someone was trying to kill him.

15  Sister of Sonia Armstrong.  Attempts to conceal her identity by dropping grease on her passport and smudging the name label on her luggage.  Young, dark haired, and beautiful.

16  Very defensive man and tries to conceal the true identity of his wife.  Husband of Countess Andrenyi.  Takes the place of his wife in the murder.

17  Big flamboyant American.  Detective with a well known detective service in New York City.  He was in love with Daisy’s French nurse ( Susanne ) who committed suicide after Daisy was killed.  Retained as a bodyguard by Ratchett

18  He was the Armstrong’s chauffer.  He loved little Daisy so much and tears when he speaks of her.  A car sales man based in Chicago.

19  Swedish missionary lady, was Daisy Armstrong’s nurse.  Very delicate and not meant for murder.

20  She is slow minded and unquestioningly carries out the ugly princess’s orders.  Pretends to be Princess Dragominoff’s maid.  She is the Armstrong’s cook.

21 One of the passengers on board of the Orient Express was murdered while the train was on its way to London from Stamboul. Hercule Poirot needs to figure out who the murderer is while the train stops in a snow bank.

22 Hercule Poirot boards the Taurus Express to go to Stamboul only to find himself being asked to go back to London. With the help of his friend M. Bouc, Poirot was able to board the Orient Express that is bound to London. Due to the prevailing weather condition, the train was stuck in a snow bank.

23 Ratchett, also known as Cassetti,was found dead in his coach with multiple stab wounds of various depth suggesting that this could be an act of more than one person. The person/s responsible for this act of violence is still aboard the train and it is up to Hercule Poirot to find out who is the murderer.

24 Hercule Poirot begun his investigation by interrogating each passenger on the train. He analyzed all the clues found in the crime scene and tried to filter the significant ones against those that were intentionally placed so as to create confusion in the case. After considering all the facts, Hercule Poirot came up with 2 plausible explanations to the crime that was committed.

25 Explanation 1  a stranger who could be an enemy of Ratchett boarded the train at Vinkovci, murdered Ratchett and escaped unnoticed. Explanation 2  All of the passengers were guilty except Hercule Poirot, M. Bouc and Dr. Constantine. Poirot revealed how each passenger was connected to the family of Daisy Armstrong.

26 Hercule Poirot opted to present his first explanation for the murder of Ratchett to the police so as to enable the people who are responsible for the death of Ratchett to escape punishment. Hercule Poirot believes in the Moral Law that evil people needs to be punished for their crimes.


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