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Creative Cooking 2 Cakes

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1 Creative Cooking 2 Cakes

2 Cakes are a quick baked product Generally of a light consistency

3 Cakes 3 types of cakes

4 Shortened (butter cakes)
Contain a Solid Fat such as butter, shortening, margarine. Leavened by baking powder or baking soda Examples: Basic chocolate or white cakes

5 More shortened cakes Pound cake

6 Unshortened (foam cakes)
Contain no fat Leavened by air beaten into egg whites Example: Angel Food cake

7 Chiffon Cross between a shortened and unshortened cake
Contains fat (oil) like a shortened cake and beaten egg whites like the unshortened cake Example: cake rolls

8 Sponge cake is a combination cake

9 Cakes contain similar ingredients:
Flour To provide structure

10 Sugar To sweeten, Tenderize the gluten And improve texture

11 Egg – to improve flavor and color adds nutrients, provide structure helps to leaven if egg whites are whipped

12 Liquid – moisture to help blend ingredients
Water Milk

13 Salt – flavor

14 Fat – tenderize the gluten
Make it easier to chew

15 Leavening agents – to make cake rise

16 Flavorings Like vanilla and almond

17 Cream of tartar – used in whipped egg whites to stabilize proteins

18 Pans Pans for shortened cakes should be greased and floured

19 *** NEVER grease pans for unshortened cakes***

20 Cake Mixing methods

21 Conventional method 1. Cream fat and sugar together
2. Beat eggs into creamed fat and sugar

22 3. Add dry ingredients alternatively with liquids

23 Quick mix method one bowl method (usually a cake mix)
Mix dry ingredients in mixing bowl Beat fat and part of liquid with the dry ingredients 3. Add remaining liquid and unbeaten eggs

24 Testing for Doneness Shortened cake:
Touch top of cake lightly in center with fingertip, if it springs back, its done. Insert toothpick into center and if it comes out clean it’s done. .

25 Unshortened cake: Pulls away from the sides of pan Cracks on top.

26 Keys to successful cakes
Measure accurately Too much and you have a dry cake, Too little and cake is flat

27 Correct balance of fat to flour

28 Correct balance of sugar
Too little and top rounds Too much and cake collapses

29 Don’t over mix

30 Fill batter correct amount to pan
Too much will bake over edge Too little makes cake flat

31 Baking cakes Make sure heat is free to circulate in oven

32 Allow cake to cool ten minutes
Then remove from pan

33 Cakes to be made in lab Angel Food Cake

34 Colonial inn sponge cake

35 Carrot pineapple cake

36 Marbled pound cake

37 Heavenly Chocolate Cake

38 Chocolate Chip Chiffon cake

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