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2 1. Why have the RCBofC written to you? They wrote the article for the following reasons to inform about relationships To correct the messages about intimacy and human sexuality

3 2. What challenges do you see your generation facing that different? Unmarried sexual relationships are seen as ‘responsible’ behavior as long as protection is used Pornography is a thriving industry AIDS and other STDs are constant thread

4 3. How is sexuality portrayed by media? Causal sexual relationships are shown as normal and desirable People’s sexual lives are used as talk- show entertainment Product are sold on the basis of the ‘sex appeal’

5 4. What messages about sex you are getting that are contradictory and confusing? parents, teachers tell you to “save sex until marriage”. Other sources (eg. media) tell you “if it feels good and doesn’t hurt anyone than pay it safe and wear a condom” because “most teenagers are sexually active”

6 5. What marks a genuine friendship? Good friends accept each other as they are: appearance, personality, interests, talents, and flaws. Theses qualities mark a genuine friendship: trust, acceptance, faithfulness, openness.

7 6. What is intimacy most often used to describe today? The word ‘intimacy’ is often used to describe a sexual relationship

8 7. What is the key to intimacy? The key to intimacy is closeness, acceptance and trust, faithfulness.

9 8. What is meant by ‘intimacy is a gift’? Intimacy (trust, acceptance, closeness) is a something that two people offer and entrust each other. The gift of intimacy is something that is precious, it needs to be cherished and valued. The ‘gift of intimacy’ is offered freely to another human being, it cannot to be demanded.

10 9. How is ‘sexuality’ defined? Sexuality is not something that we have, but something that we are, maleness or femaleness Sexuality is part of being human A force that draws people out of themselves toward others

11 10. What is God’s plan for sexuality? God created male and female for each other God’s plan for sexuality is meant to be seen as an intimate partnership between two people within marriage. Sexual intimacy has two purposes: sharing of love and for procreation The act of sexual intimacy is a sign of persons love for each other, which overflows to create a new life (baby) Sexuality needs to be approached with maturity and seriousness, should not be treated hastily or irresponsibility

12 11. Describe chastiy. Chastity is a virtue Chastity refers to being is control of ones sexual urges A single person is encourage to be chaste by ‘saving’ herself/himself for marriage A married person is encourage to be chaste by remaining faithful to the person, she/he made the vows to.

13 12. Why is sexuality intimacy intended for marriage? Sexual intimacy is NOT meant to be used to respond to passing attraction, satisfaction sexual feelings, or to express a youthful short term love. Sexual intimacy has two purposes: sharing of love and for procreation Sexual intimacy is a sign of fully committed love. It is a gift that a man and a woman offer to each other in marriage. The act of sexual intimacy is a unique sign of peoples’ love for each other – a symbol of unity, faithfulness, openness, trust and mutual acceptance. From this union a child may be conceived, which fulfills the purpose of the sexual intimacy

14 13. Sexual intimacy creates a bond. Explain. Sexual intimacy unites not only persons’ bodies but their souls as well. When two people share everything about themselves (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc) sexual intimacy is just another connection that expresses and solidifies their mutual respect and love for each other. Sexual intimacy is non-verbal act of telling the other person how much that person is loves, cherished and valued. When couples, who are sexually active, break up the pain is deep and long lasting. If there is pattern then people build walls to protect themselves (blocking future intimacy).

15 What do you believe? 1.Male is the superior sex physically 2.Little girls begin to talk before little boys do 3.Boys have more mechanical ability that girls (mechanical ability I sthe ability to put parts together, built, etc) 4.Men are more aggressive than men 5.Men have a stronger sex drive than woman 6.Men cannot care for Children as well as women can


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