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Digging Deep: In the First Two Weeks. Get Ready Traffic Digging Deep Detours.

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1 Digging Deep: In the First Two Weeks

2 Get Ready Traffic Digging Deep Detours

3 Getting Ready: The things we know Destination –Science Cell Phone –WIC Appointment Google Map –What to Expect

4 Destination: Science

5 Progesterone and Prolactin swap places after delivery. Destination: 2 Weeks

6 Each mother builds hormone receptors in the first two weeks after the baby is born that allow the hormones to get into the breast. The more hormone receptors, the more milk a mother makes because the more hormones she is able to use. They are grown when babies breastfeed or the milk is removed by hand or with a breast pump.

7 Giving formula supplements during the early weeks will cause her body not to make as many receptors as she needs.

8 Cell Phone: WIC Appointment

9 Timing of First Postpartum Visit after Delivery Median Age: 10.7 days

10 Timing of First Visit During Pregnancy

11 Google Map


13 Expect: Birthday-Day 2/Breasts Most women notice their breasts change and grow with pregnancy. Breasts will still be soft./Some tenderness

14 Expect: Birthday-Day 2/Feeding Skin to Skin after birth. Alert first feed, may be sleepy rest of the day. More alert second day. Second night=lots of feeding!

15 Expect: Birthday-Day 2/Diapers

16 Expect: Birthday-Day 2/ Weight Loss of 7-10% of birth weight is very normal

17 Day 3-4

18 Expect: Day 3-4/Breasts Breasts are fuller, heavier. Slight discomfort at latch is ok as long as it goes away in 30 seconds.

19 Expect: Day 3-4/Feeding 8-12 times in a 24 hour period-not evenly spaced.

20 Expect: Day 3-4/Diapers Green what? Minimum 3-4 wet, 3-4 poop. Poop starting to turn green and pasty

21 Expect: Day 3-4/Weight Baby begins to gain weight

22 Day 5-11

23 Expect: Day 5-11/Breasts Breasts will feel fuller before a feed and softer after. Nipple pain should ease.

24 Expect: Day 5-11/Feeding 8-12 times in a 24 hour period-not evenly spaced.

25 Expect: Day 5-11/Diapers Minimum 6+ wet/3+ poop. Poop should be yellow, seedy and runny.

26 Expect: Day 5-11/Weight Normal weight gain:.5-2 ounces a day

27 2+ Weeks

28 Traffic Jam

29 General: Choose the Fabric/Paint Chip/Metaphor/Face that best describes how you feel about breastfeeding?


31 Digging Deep: Using the tools to go even deeper into breastfeeding! *The approach for these tools is the same. We encourage you to use them interchangeably.

32 Sore Nipples Crying/ Little Sleep Supply Issues Eating All The Time Breastfeeding Detours

33 Sore Nipples

34 Sore Nipples: Latch and Positioning

35 Latch and Positioning

36 Sore Nipples: Laid Back

37 Sore Nipples: Engorgement

38 Reverse Pressure Softening

39 Reverse Pressure Softening, cont.


41 Crying/Little Sleep

42 Crying/Little Sleep: Overstimulation Prevention/Treatment –Limit visitor time –Lots of Skin to Skin –Don’t “work” on breastfeeding for more than 10 minutes at a time! Signs of Overstimulation –Crying –Starting to feed and then falling right asleep

43 Supply Concerns

44 Supply Concerns: Low Milk Supply Put the baby to the breast often Increase the numbers of feedings or remove milk with pump. Offer baby unlimited access to the breast Skin-to-skin Rest and relax Breastfeed on one side and pump on the other Express milk when separated.

45 Eating All the Time

46 Eating all the time Expectation 5-9pm Cluster Feeding –Prolactin Increases –Delayed Feeding –Overstimulated



49 Skin to Skin… the Perfect Start!

50 For Dad too!!!


52 Questions? Concerns?

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