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Thanksgiving at the Scholle’s. The year it all blew up…

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1 Thanksgiving at the Scholle’s

2 The year it all blew up…

3 Salad Onset: – 12 hours to 2 days Symptoms: – Intestinal distress Mild to severe Bloody w/mucous – Rectal spasms – Fever – Abdominal cramps – Dehydration

4 Shigella

5 Is ingested through contaminated water Food may become contaminated during preparation of infected individual Swimming pools and beaches can become contaminated No group of individuals is immune Individuals are at increased risk: small children

6 Getting Better… A stool sample can identify the Shigella bacteria Then special tests will tell which species of Shigella is there & which antibiotics would be best to treat it. Usually goes away in 5 to 7 days May be several months before bowel habits are entirely normal Young children, the elderly, & immune compromised persons: – intestinal distress can be so severe that the affected person needs to be hospitalized.

7 Lasagna Onset – 3-9 days Symptoms – Abdominal pain (sudden) – Severe cramps – Intestinal distress (1 week) Watery & grossly bloody – Vomiting – No fever

8 E. coli

9 Bacteria are ingested from food: – Undercooked ground beef – Contaminated fruits/vegetables Prevention: use a digital instant read meat thermometer (temp. should be at least 160  F)

10 Complications Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS): a severe, life- threatening complication of an E. coli infection – E. coli secretes toxins – Cells have toxin receptor sites that allow the toxins to get in and kill the cell – Kidney, pancreas, and brain have more than other organs

11 Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) syndrome: low platelet & RBC – Endothelial cell damage – Cascade of biochemical events – Blood clots-block the terminal arterioles and capillaries of most of the major body organs: Heart, brain, kidneys, pancreas and adrenals.

12 Getting better… Infection confirmed by detecting the bacteria in stool Antibiotics do not help Good supportive care: – Hydration – Nutrition Most people recover within two weeks

13 Broccoli Casserole Onset – 6 to 72 hours Acute symptoms – Sudden nausea – Abdominal cramping – Severe intestinal distress Blood & mucous – Fever – Vomiting – Headaches – Muscle pain – Joint pain

14 Salmonella

15 Bacteria ingested from food: Raw/undercooked eggs/egg products Raw milk or milk products Contaminated water Meat and meat products Poultry Raw fruits & vegetables (contaminated during slicing)

16 Getting better… – 5 to 7 days – Many times no treatment required – Unless… severe dehydration – OR… infection spreads from the intestines – In cases of severe intestinal distress: re-hydration, often with intravenous fluids.

17 Prevention: (Salmonella & E. coli)… Stop bacterial spread in the kitchen!!! – Keep raw meat separate from other foods (fruits, veggies, & other things you eat raw) – Wash hands, counters, and utensils with hot soapy water after they touch raw meat – Never place cooked ground beef on the unwashed plate that held raw meat – Wash meat thermometers in between tests

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