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Exploring the Use of Technology in a Dual Language Classroom

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1 Exploring the Use of Technology in a Dual Language Classroom
CABE TWO-WAY, San Diego 2010

2 Meyler Street Elementary School K-5 Dual Language Program

3 Meyler Street’s Technology Centers
Meyler Street Foreign Language Technology Center Computer Lab

4 Objective 1 Understand the world of computer-assisted Dual Language classrooms using "Rosetta Stone“ and "Tell Me More" software currently implemented in the Dual Language Program.

5 Rosetta Stone Software
Students in the lower grades (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades utilize “Rosetta Stone”

6 Rosetta Stone - Level 1 * Online with server * Very basic vocabulary
* K -1 grade * Lots of repetition * Pictures/ word association *recommended period of 30 minutes

7 Tell Me More Software:
Students in the Dual Language Program –3rd, 4th and 5th grades utilize Tell Me More

8 Tell Me More Education:
*Online Program * Use with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students *Need earphones *It takes few minutes to download the program *Lots of opportunities for vocabulary development *Students work independently *Medium to High levels of language fluency * Recommended period of 50 minutes

9 Objective # 2 Receive additional internet resources to assist in implementing a successful Dual Language Program.

10 Free websites for teachers
Student websites: or Local District 8 website:

11 SAT Question of the Day Lesson Plans: Wonders of the World: What about (LAUSD.NET blocks this site)

12 Websites
Reading Strategies: English Lang. Vocabulary and Grammar, Foreign Language vocabulary, geographic, etc. NCTE Read/Write/Think lesson place for all grades with Book Clubs (try the Graphic map)

13 Websites Graphic organizers for the upper grades:
Strategies/Tools for Reading, Writing and Thinking from Greece New York schools. Fantastic resource for unit plans, templates, best practices, reading lists, etc: Tech. web site. I haven’t checked it out yet, saved to investigate later On-line book club where you can set up virtual book shelves. We “discussed’ books with our lit. coaches on-line. I’ve seen teachers use this with their classes:

14 From Other Schools websites:

15 Reading Strategies: Glossary Spanish/English: California CDE Sample Test Questions Lower Grades can use basic level questions from upper grade release questions. Print or save images or questions to use. LAUSD Hippocampus Flash animations of lessons searchable by standard and text pages. Some concepts will be helpful for Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. No Language Arts. Video in the Classroom

16 The Language Menu This website was created by language teachers for language teachers. It includes worksheet generators, interactive games, a clipart gallery, a database of materials downloadable in PDF format, and more. Now you can make worksheets in 35 languages: Arabic, Bahasa, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch , English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Macedonian, Mandarin, Norwegian, Pinyin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish and Vietnamese. Registration is required to access the resources, but it is free. Visit the Language Menu at

17 LACOE's TEAMS Educational Resources http://teams. lacoe
Rubistar Teacher Tools - includes Rubric and Project Generators and more... Blooms' New Taxonomy - Google search results MIT Open Courseware (We have high expectations!) 1500 courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lecture notes, videos, animations. Some items will help our K-5 students' families and friends.

Social network for people who love books!

19 Meyler Street Technology Lab

20 http://www. spanglishbaby
BabyCenter en Español Bilingual Families Connect Bilingual Family Newsletter Bilingual Fun Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network Boca Beth Center for Applied Linguistics Children´s Book Press Circle Time Kids Cody´s Cuentos Colorín Colorado Cuentos para Dormir Discovery Kids Español Encuentos Español para Todos Foreign Language Friends Foreign Language Fun Growing Bilingual habla blah blah Hispanic Culture Online LA Language World Language Lizard Latin Baby Book Club Multilingual Children´s Association NNELL Pocoyó Professor Pocket Raising a Bilingual Child Semillitas de Aprendizaje Songs for Teaching Spanish Spanish Lesson Plans The Bilingual Edge Todo Bebé We Are Little Amigos WorldSpeak

21 Internet Options in the Classroom
Activities for the one computer classroom Look for ways you can supplement your curriculum with Internet resources. For example, my textbook talks about murals that are popular in many communities in the U.S. It mentions the influence of Rivera, Orozco, and Siquieros. So I went to the Diego Rivera Museum, and downloaded a site with about 15 examples of Diego Rivera's work. Then I showed them to the students with the TV monitors. In the movie unit, I used the movie activity, "Movies in Madrid..." ( In the travel unit, (lakes, mountains, waterfalls, cathedrals, jungles, taking pictures) I used "Fotos de la Argentina."

22 UCLA Language Materials Project: Links, dictionaries, stories…
Languages on the Web: for less commonly taught languages LINKS to: Training and Resource Centers to: National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center to: Spanish Two-Way Immersion

23 UCLA Languages on the web:

24 A Spanish-language website for teaching children about Mexico is available at .

25 In the clothing unit, I used "La Tienda En Casa," an order service from El Corte Inglés in Spain with descriptions, sizes, and colors in Spanish and prices in pesetas. I used just the "Especial Moda" section. (



28 Objective # 3 Use internet resources to provide references to validate research and successful implementation of Dual Language Programs in your classroom.

29 Dual Language Program Resources
CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (Immersion Research Page) CAL Resource Guide Online Center for Applied Linguistics online resource guide with digests, publications from ERIC/CLL and other sources, listservs, web sites and other information relevant to two-way immersion. CAL Two-Way Immersion Resources Center for Applied Linguistics website with current CAL projects and publications related to two-way immersion. Center for Applied Linguistics (Two-Way Immersion Page)

30 Page URL:

31 Page URL:
Check : Technology SI Wiki

32 CARLA Technology Modules: Use Web Resources

33 San Diego County Office of Education/ English Learner and Support Services Online Resources: CAL (Center for Applied Linguistics) CABE (California Association for Bilingual Education) CDE (California Department of Education) Dual Language Immersion National Standards Dual Language Education of New Mexico Evaluator’s Toolkit for Dual Language Guiding Principles- "Even The Walls Talk" NCELA (National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition) (Formerly NCBE) K-8 Content Standards in Spanish Data/Research on Two-Way Immersion Raising Bilingual Children: Common Parental Concerns and Current Research La crianza de niños bilingües: preocupaciones comunes de los padres y las investigaciones actuales

34 LAUSD - APOLO/Dual Language Programs Resources /References
2-Way CABE Affiliate of the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), dedicated to advocating for and assisting with the planning and implementation of quality two-way bilingual immersion programs. CABE California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) ACTFL American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages CDE Two-Way Immersion Programs California Department of Education website with overview, directory and information on two-way immersion programs statewide. Los Angeles County Office of Education A "gateway to the many programs, services and affiliates of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), the nation's largest regional education agency."

35 - Benefits of Bilingualism (PDF) - ELs with Special Needs (PDF)
San Diego County Office of Education/ English Learner and Support Services Unit Nenette Adelson-Rodriguez, Director Phone: Fax:   EL&SS homepage: Mailing List : RECOMMENDED Events:- April 6, th Annual Dual Language Institute, SDCOE Dr. Genesee’s PowerPoints available: - Benefits of Bilingualism (PDF) - ELs with Special Needs (PDF)


37 Resources National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Instruction Education Programs (NCELA) Funded by the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA), the NCELA "is authorized to collect, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate information about language instruction educational programs for limited English proficient children, and related programs. Priority is given to information on academic content and English proficiency assessments and accountability systems." Southern California Comprehensive Assistance Center (SCCAC) The Comprehensive Assistance Center program is a network of 15 regional centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education to help recipients of funds under the ESEA to improve teaching and learning in the schools. The SCCAC provides support, training and assistance; integrates and coordinates programs and services; consults with the various No Child Left Behind (NCLB) stakeholders; and provides professional development services across NCLB initiatives. UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 100 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs).

38 Iowa State University

39 Dual Language Programs Research
Dual Language researchers: Katherine Lindholm-Leary Homepage (One of the biggest researchers in the field of dual immersion) Wayne Thomas and Virginia Collier: Genesee, Hamayan,Hakuta, Cummins…and other researchers: A film about Dual Language Programs:

40 More Research Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (Language Learning and Academic Achievement Research) Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research National Organizations American Council on the Teaching of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (research pages) National Association of Bilingual Education California Department of Education (Two-Way Immersion Programs) Dual Language Education of New Mexico Texas Two-Way/Dual Language Education

41 Successful DL Programs in USA
Obviously there are many more successful dual immersion programs across the US.  Here are links to just a few of them. Blaine County School District (Sun Valley) Capistrano School District (CA) Alicia R. Chacon International School (El Paso, TX) Valley View Elementary in Pleasanton, CA Madawaska and Gateway Elementary Schools (ME) Robert F. Kennedy Schools AMIGOS Program (MA) Osceola School District (FL) Key Elementary School (VA) Barbieri Elementary (MA)

42 Brain Research 1. Imaging Laboratory for Language,Bilingualism, and  Child Development ! By Dr Laura Petitto:


44 Objective # 3 View samples of students Power Point Presentations incorporating digital media presented at INFO-TECH 2010

45 INFO-TECH Project Students work on creating a Power Point Presentation based on a Questionnaire Students explore: Maps – goggled addresses Pictures – selected best images Searched countries around the world Learned how to use iphoto and imovie (Sample of the Questionnaire is available)

46 INFO-TECH Project Students work on creating a Power Point Presentation based on a Questionnaire Students explore: Maps – goggled addresses Pictures – selected best images Searched countries around the world Learned how to use iphoto and imovie (Sample of the Questionnaire is available)

47 INFO-TECH 2010

48 INFO-TECH 2010

49 INFO-TECH 2010



52 Summary You all received knowledge of the Software programs: Rosetta Stone and Tell Me More You will use the free websites and additional internet resources to assist you in your classroom You enjoyed our students Power Point Presentations and replicate them if possible

53 Thank You for Your Attention!
C Thank You for Your Attention! Celia Kuehn FLAP Technology Center – Director/teacher Meyler Street ES Karina Trinidad-Bui Dual Language Lead Teacher

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