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Planning for Certification in 2014. Plan your project In this presentation we present the tasks that must be completed in order to achieve certification.

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1 Planning for Certification in 2014

2 Plan your project In this presentation we present the tasks that must be completed in order to achieve certification to a GFSI recognized scheme in 2014. September Tasks October/November Tasks December Tasks Use this presentation to guide you in planning your project. Use our GFSI Project Plan spreadsheet to outline your tasks and timetable.


4 1. Assign a Project Leader Assign your team leader This person will be responsible for overseeing the implementation and day to day running of the food safety management system. SQF Practitioner FSSC Food Safety Team Leader BRC HACCP Team Leader

5 GFSI Recognized Schemes Schedule HACCP Training for the project leader if they have not been trained. The standards state that the project leader: SQF: “shall have completed a HACCP training course” FSSC: “shall have the responsibility and authority to manage a food safety team” BRC: “shall have an in-depth knowledge of HACCP”

6 3. Identify your Management Team This team will be responsible for: Meeting the management responsibilities assigned in the standard Meeting during the implementation for planning, assigning responsibilities and providing resources Reviewing and approving new processes and procedures as they are completed Ensuring proper training of employees

7 4. Train the Management Team It is essential that the management team understands what is required to achieve certification. Achieving Certification in 2014 will mean running an efficient, effective project. This can only be done if the team has an understanding of the requirements. Register each member of the management team for online training courses. Complete the training in September. A. Introduction to the Standard (1 ½ Hour) B. Introduction to Prerequisite Program (1 ½ Hour) * Choose the course that is specifically designed for your standard and industry at

8 5. Hold a Planning Meeting (continued) Agenda, continued: 5.Provide resources for the Gap Analysis: Register the Project Leader for – C. The Gap Analysis Checklists and Tutorial 6.Identify resources for the process teams Purchase document templates and additional tools by registering your project leader for - D. Templates and Implementation Tools Package 7.Schedule the next management team meeting, and include on the agenda: Choose a certification body Review Gap Analysis Findings Assign team members to process teams Schedule first meetings Prepare information for process teams.

9 6. Conduct the Gap Analysis The Project Leader and others assigned conduct the gap analysis and identify tasks for the implementation project. 1.Complete the course “The Gap Analysis Checklist and Tutorial” 2.Conduct the audit 3.Complete the checklist and identify tasks that must be completed. Enter these tasks on the implementation plans provided in “D. Templates and Implementation Tools”

10 7. Hold the second management team meeting Hold the second management team meeting: Choose a certification body. Review Gap Analysis Findings. Assign team members to process teams. Schedule the first meetings for each process team. Prepare information for process teams: Provide each team with 1.The Implementation Plan for the process, with information from the Gap Analysis 2.Procedure and forms templates 3.Information on the expected timeline

11 October and November Tasks

12 1. Hold Process Team Meetings According to your plan, hold process team meetings. At the first meeting, the team leader will give an overview of the process, the standard requirements and the goal of the team. 1.Train the team on the requirements. 2.Provide the information from the Gap Analysis. 3.Provide the document templates. 4.Explain the role of the team: Bring the process into compliance with the standard Document the new process Implement the new process, including training those responsible for the process. 5.Define the timeline for the team. For example, the Document Control team might meet each week from Oct 6 to Nov 3. During that time they will finish their tasks.

13 2. Hold Management Team Meetings Hold weekly or biweekly management team meetings. 1.Finalize the agreement and schedule with the Certification Body. 2.Designate your Food Safety Team or HACCP Team 3.Provide training to Food Safety Team Members A. Introduction to the Standard B. Introduction to Prerequisite Program 4.Start Food Safety Team Meetings Review the HACCP Plan Approve HACCP Flow Charts and Prerequisite Programs 5.Prepare an Internal Audit Schedule with audits starting in November. Plan to complete one cycle (audit the complete system – all processes) before the certification audit. Identify and train your Internal Audit Team E. Internal Auditor Training

14 3. Hold Management Team Meetings Review and Approve new Processes and Procedures. 1.Review the procedures and forms from each process team as they are completed. Submit back to the team for changes and revisions as needed. 2.Review the implementation task list to ensure that all tasks are completed and the process is effectively implemented. 3.Identify any training that is needed for those responsible for the process.

15 4. Start Internal Audits and GMP Inspections By the middle of November you will want to start your Internal Audits. 1.Use trained auditors independent of the area being audited. 2.For each nonconformance identified start a corrective action following your new corrective action procedure. 3.If any area or process shows a high level of nonconformances, plan another audit of the area. 4.Focus on the processes and compliance with the standard. Pay close attention to records completion; are they complete, legible, retrievable? 5.If you are not yet conducting GMP Inspections to verify your prerequisite programs you must begin these inspections. Do these frequently until you have complete compliance with PRP Programs.

16 5. Start Food Safety Team Meetings Have the Food Safety Team or HACCP team begin regular meetings to address requirements of the standard. 1.Review and approve the HACCP Flow Charts and Plan 2.Verify and approve Prerequisite Programs 3.Prepare a meeting schedule and agenda for ongoing meetings

17 6. Start Management Review Meetings Hold one or two management review meetings before the certification audit. 1.Hold a meeting at the end of November after internal audits have started. 2.Cover all the required inputs from the standard. 3.Identify any problem areas and assign actions. 4.Maintain records of management review and assigned responsibilities and actions. 5.Hold a follow-up meeting before your certification audit. Make sure that items assigned at previous management review are completed, or plans are in place to address items. 6.Schedule training for employees as needed before the certification audit. Include food safety related training. For example training on GMPs. GMP Employee Training – online session available at

18 December Tasks

19 Prepare for your audit The Certification Audit: 1.Make sure everyone is aware of the upcoming audit and their role in the audit. 2.Train all employees on the food safety policy and food safety awareness for their position. 3.Review the condition of the facility, remove uncontrolled documentation, make sure all areas are neat and clean. 4.Be organized, know where the required documentation is and have it easily accessible for the audit. 5.The auditor will be out in the facility, talking with employees, observing processes and evaluating records. Make sure the people and documentation they need are accessible and available.

20 Prepare for your audit The Certification Audit (continued): 1.When the auditor or auditors come for the certification audit, be organized, and make people available as needed. 2.Remember that the auditors are there to verify compliance with the standard requirements; make sure the evidence is available in the form of records and informed personnel. 3.If there are findings, make sure you understand what response is required to address the nonconformance. 4.Respond with a thorough corrective action plan within the timeframe given by the auditor. 5.Prepare to share the good news that your organization is Certified to a GFSI recognized standard!

21 All of the programs mentioned in this presentation may be purchased individually or as part of our Premium Training and Implementation Package. Available for: FSSC 22000 SQF BRC Congratulate your employees and celebrate your certification! Celebrate!

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