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Creating Effective Conference Posters using PowerPoint

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1 Creating Effective Conference Posters using PowerPoint
Adam Warren Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit

2 Write for your audience
non-specialists clear language, avoid or explain jargon no more than 3 minutes reading? what ‘news’ are you offering them? how will this interest them? what questions will they be asking? answer them!

3 Information at a glance
use a big title that catches the eye use photos to attract attention use headings to ‘chunk’ information use bullets to summarise text use diagrams to summarise ideas use charts to summarise data include your name and contact details

4 serif – sans-serif - cursive
Make text legible make text easy to read from 1m+ large text sizes ( pt) for ‘body text’ avoid CAPITALS high contrast between text and background simple but stylish typefaces avoid long line lengths (max 50 characters) use columns or text boxes have someone else check your spelling serif – sans-serif - cursive

5 Design essentials does the design assist understanding?
lead the eye across / down the text leave plenty of “white space” create a clean and consistent look fonts and sizes, colours and shapes align design elements – or separate use colour purposefully borrow ideas from posters you like

6 Standard poster layouts

7 Creative poster layouts
don’t feel trapped by the guidelines! use your creativity and imagination is the structure clear? is the text legible? is the design coherent?

8 Layout grids

9 Don’t… make assumptions about the display arrangements at the conference try to squeeze too much on to the poster use fancy fonts and textures expect print to match screen colour leave things until the last minute!

10 Poster production Start with the content
text, images and graphics Decide on overall colour scheme Create first draft using PowerPoint get feedback from colleagues Update and proof-read Print on large ink-jet

11 How big is A1? European paper standard sizes: A4 21x30 A3 30x42 A2

12 Printing costs Print Centre print it yourself (60p)
x full-colour print and encapsulate: A2 (42x60) £15 colour inkjet A1 (60x84) £24 colour inkjet A0 (84x120) £43 colour inkjet print it yourself (60p)

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