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The Things that Build the Brain Off to a Good Start: Birth - 5 Years.

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1 The Things that Build the Brain Off to a Good Start: Birth - 5 Years

2 Our P urpose To tell you this story: Simple things build a child’s brain. There are things that we can do. It’s never too late. And that it can make all the difference in school and in life.

3 Family Thinking Learning Memory Genes Home Habits Along with Family,What Else Builds a Child’s Brain?

4 Off to a Good Start Basic Ingredients to Build a Brain = Lots of Free Play Enriching Experiences 1 2 3 High Quality Food

5 From birth to age 3 years the brain triples in size.

6 Brain growth is all about connections. Enriching experiences wire brain cells together.

7 Quality Nutrition. builds, fuels, and maintains the brain -Vitamin B1, B6, B12 -FRUITS -CARBOHYDRATES -Iodine -Lutein -FATS -Zinc -Vitamins C & D -DAIRY -Vitamin E -Flavonoids -Iron -Omega-3 Fatty Acids -WHOLE GRAINS -PROTIENS -VEGETABLES

8 Play is a powerful teacher. -Emotional expression -CREATIVITY -Adaptation -Role-playing -Hand skills -Muscle skills -Language -Cooperation -IMAGINATION -Confidence -Coordination

9 Children who eat nutritious food and have lots of opportunity to play and be active are healthier, they have fewer childhood illnessess and long-term risk for obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and sleep apnea.

10 Cerebrum Hypothalamus Pituitary Gland Brain Stem Cerebellum Ventricles What Develops First? Emotional Outbursts Fear Anxiety Impulsive Actions Stress The Middle Brain The middle brain is where we react to stress.

11 What Develops Slower? The Front Brain Plans Ahead Thinks First Multi-tasks Logical Organized Sight Touch Movement Hearing The front brain is where we learn to control stress. Intelligence and Personality Brainstem

12 Enriching Experiences & New Challenges Develop the Front Brain

13 Some are Positive Experiences that strengthen the child -Curiosity -Motivation -Grit -Exploration -Confidence -Perserverance

14 Some are Negative Experiences that weaken the child -Fear -Unsocial -Irritibility -Impulsiveness -Anxiety -Poor self-control -Frustration

15 Can We Help to Protect a Child? Caring & Sharing - The nurturing support of a positive adult-child interaction

16 at home, in child care, in preschool, in church, and in the community? Adults who care help a child build social and emotional skills - a source of strength as they grow. Think of All the Nurturers Communication Negotiation Problem-solving Sharing Coping Team work Self-control

17 Does it Work? The Carolina ABC Study Poor children given day care from 0-5 years of age. 40 years later… More years of school 4x more likely to graduate college and hold a skilled job more active, less obese fewer risk factors forheart disease or diabetes.

18 Family Caring & Sharing The Community Quality Food A Chance to Play An Enriched World There are Simple Things We Can Do Thinking Learning Memory

19 It’ s Never T oo Late Go Back to School Tell the Story

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