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San Joaquin’s REACH Project “Healthy by Default” January – August 2014.

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1 San Joaquin’s REACH Project “Healthy by Default” January – August 2014

2 Promote the establishment of public health policy at both the state and local levels Childhood Obesity  School Nutrition Standards  Physical Education Funding  Menu labeling in Chain Restaurants  Soda and other Sugary Drinks


4 People on the Move in Baldwin Park Building Partnerships That Work

5 UCLA Healthy-by-Default REACH

6 R.E.A.C.H stands for… Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

7 Overview REACH is a national program that is an important component of CDC's efforts to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities Established in 1999 REACH partners use community-based, participatory approaches to identify, develop, and disseminate effective strategies for addressing health disparities across a wide range of health priority areas REACH communities and partners engage a variety of strategies in their work, from counseling and education to systems and environmental changes

8 The project will focus on San Joaquin County’s African American residents and organizations serving them

9 Working with... Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention African American Churches NAACP – Stockton Branch African American Chamber of Commerce

10 UCLA Healthy-by-Default REACH 2 CORE STRATEGIES Physical ActivityNutrition

11 CORE STRATEGY: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Physical Activity: Community Level (City and County Government) Comprehensive approaches to improve community design to enhance walking and bicycling and active transportation Community design standards to make streets safe for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and users of public transits. Increasing mixed use land use and transit-oriented development Community-wide campaigns promoting physical activity Access to facilities and places Use of public transportation

12 CORE STRATEGY: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Physical Activity: Sector Level (Coalition Member) Post stair prompts and ask managers/organization leaders to take the lead in using stairs instead of elevators Provide additional opportunities to transform organizational culture by promoting lifestyle activities Integrate short bouts of physical activity during non-discretionary time (Instant Recess)

13 Core Strategy: Nutrition Nutrition: Community Level (City and County Government) Carry more low-sodium and no sodium options Promote healthy food and beverage availability and identification Placement and promotion strategies Incentivize new grocery store development Promote purchase of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods through incentives associated with food assistance programs Increase access to food retail outlets offering healthier choices; encourages retail venues to provide access and availability to healthier foods Provide incentives to encourage existing stores or restaurants to provide healthier food options or to encourage the development of new retail venues that offer healthier foods.

14 Core Strategy: Nutrition Nutrition: Sector Level (Coalition Members) Provide healthy snacks such as fresh fruit or nuts in the reception and /or central congregating area. Include at least 50% healthy and competitively priced food choices in vending machines, cafeterias, and on-site food vendor offerings. Establish healthy food fundraising policies when selling foods/snacks as a way to raise money for organization Increase accessibility and awareness of available healthy foods in the community by identifying retailers of healthy foods Ensure that appealing, healthy options are accessible anytime that food is served.

15 Questions

16 Charlotte Dickson Senior Policy Director Northern California 510-302-3387 LaCresia Hawkins REACH Coordinator 209-444-5514 NAACP Stockton Branch 401 N. San Joaquin Street Suite 107 Stockton 95202 209-466-7000

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