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A BluePrint for Ohio’s Community Mental Health and Addiction System

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1 A BluePrint for Ohio’s Community Mental Health and Addiction System

2 Recovery Is Beautiful Recovery Is Beautiful has two major components
“Recovery Is Beautiful” is a movement about providing hope and encouragement while changing the conversation in regards to mental illness and addiction. We want people to know and understand that: Mental illness and addiction are chronic illnesses; Both mental illness and addiction can be treated, treatment works, people recover; Recovery is to be celebrated, individuals in recovery can and do become active and contributing members of their communities

3 Recovery Is Beautiful To move recovery forward, OACBHA Members have created a BluePrint for Ohio’s Community Mental Health and Addiction System that is a five-year plan for moving Ohio toward a Recovery-Oriented System of Care. The BluePrint focuses on prevention and wellness, crisis services, treatment and recovery management. Two major focuses of a ROSC and this BluePrint are: A Recovery-Oriented System of Care focuses first and foremost on the individuals and family members in need of services. It recognizes that local communities with all of the partners, are in the best position to design and manage their local system of care.

4 BluePrint for Recovery Is Beautiful
This BluePrint sets out a framework in which Boards are the Recovery-Oriented System of Care “hub” for their local communities working with clients, family members and community stakeholders to ensure that local entities are prepared to offer community-based mental health and addiction services from prevention through recovery supports.

5 Recovery Is Beautiful – Defining Recovery and Recovery Management
What is Recovery? According to SAMHSA Recovery from a mental illness and /or alcohol and drug problems is a process of change through which an individual achieves improved health, wellness, and quality of life, allowing an individual to reach their full potential. What is Recovery Management? Recovery Management is a philosophy for organizing treatment and recovery support services to enhance the process of recovery and support long-term recovery maintenance, and the quality of life.

6 Recovery Is Beautiful – Defining a Recovery-Oriented System of Care
What is a Recovery-Oriented System of Care? Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) are not programs but are networks of formal and informal services developed and mobilized to increase health and wellness, and to help achieve and sustain long-term recovery for individuals and families impacted by mental illness and severe substance use disorders. A fundamental principle of a Recovery-Oriented System of Care is that clients are key. Clients are the drivers of decisions about service and support needs. Services are built and systems are put in place so that individuals are able to access an array of services and supports when and where they need them.

7 Why Recovery is Beautiful
Ohio’s system of addiction and mental health services and programs were built with one premise in mind; helping Ohioan’s live better, healthier, and drug-free lives. Recovery is Beautiful is all about getting back to the core of why these systems exist -- helping Ohioans with a mental illness and/or addiction, and helping Ohio’s communities become and stay healthy and safe.

8 OACBHA Vision for Behavioral Health in Ohio
Ohio’s mental health and addiction services system shall emphasize a Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) that capitalizes on community strengths. Ohio’s ROSC shall offer Ohioans an array of accessible mental health and addiction services and recovery supports that are culturally appropriate, accountable, effective, and efficient while promoting individual and family recovery. Ohio’s Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health (ADAMH) Boards ensure that individuals and families affected by mental illness and/or addiction have access to this high-quality, recovery oriented system of care. Boards, through strong community partnerships, will continue to lead and advance efforts to ensure Ohio’s communities are healthy, safe, and drug-free, while assuring accountability and effectiveness in client care.

9 Principles for Boards to Move the Vision Forward
As ADAMH Boards move a Recovery-Oriented System of Care forward, the following five principles will be at the forefront: Focusing on Clients and Families: A Recovery-Oriented System of Care allows individuals and families to drive the mental health and addiction services that they receive within their local community. Ensuring Timely Access to Care: Local Boards ensure that Ohioans have access to a continuum of high quality, integrated care that is available in a timely manner for individuals and families in need of treatment and recovery supports.

10 Principles for Boards to Move the Vision Forward
Promoting Healthy, Safe and Drug-Free Communities: Local Boards promote the health, wellness, and safety of individuals and communities by offering a continuum of services that includes prevention, community education, crisis services, treatment, and recovery supports such as housing, employment supports, and peer supports. Prioritizing Accountable and Outcome-Driven Financing: Local Boards maximize the use of federal, state, and local funds to meet locally identified outcomes and to enhance accountability and allocate dollars in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Locally Managing Systems of Care: Healthcare innovation is driven at the community level. Working with their local partners, Boards determine what works best in their communities by planning for, designing, and managing the local system of care.

11 The following diagram depicts how the five principles are intertwined in creating a local Recovery-Oriented System of Care, like recovery itself, a ROSC is not linear.

12 Recovery Is Beautiful and the BluePrint
Recovery Is Beautiful – is about HOPE and the promise of the fact that life can be better once recovery is achieved -- It does not negate the fact that recovery is hard and at times very difficult -- it focuses on the fact that recovery should be celebrated! Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care and the BluePrint very specifically focus on prevention and wellness in addition to recovery. Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care and the BluePrint focus on the life of the individual from birth through death. Recovery Is Beautiful and the BluePrint are about recovery from both a mental illness and/or an addiction.

13 Moving the BluePrint FORWARD
Each of the five principles has a goal, with each goal having from 4 – 6 action steps. These goals and action steps were initially set out for 2 years. An Advisory Committee has been appointed consisting of individuals in recovery from both mental illnesses and/or addiction, family members and providers. Following the first meeting in December, the elected Chair and Co-Chair will also sit the OACBHA implementation committee. OACBHA and the implementation committee are talking with national experts about a statewide ROSC assessment, and will be rolling out ROSC trainings this spring.

14 The Look of Success We will know we have succeeded when:
Stigma and social isolation decrease, Prevention, early identification, treatment, and recovery are understood, valued, and utilized, Services, supports, and decisions are client-centered and client-driven, Contracts and payments are based on outcomes, Ohio moves toward a model focused on long-term recovery, Boards continue to maximize the utility of public funds, Ohioans have the opportunity to recover, and Ohio has healthier, safer communities, Recovery rates have increased and are sustained, Treatment works and people recover.

15 Recovery is Beautiful – Next Steps
Championing the Recovery is Beautiful movement Moving the BluePrint and ROSC forward in OHIO Continuing to enhance the Recovery Is Beautiful web site Engaging clients and family members – (Send us your recovery stories to share on Incorporating Recovery into all aspects of what we do Join us and help make Recovery Beautiful in Ohio

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