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The OASIS Project: Turning Surveillance Data into Action.

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1 The OASIS Project: Turning Surveillance Data into Action

2 OASIS Outcome Assessment through Systems of Integrated Surveillance

3 OASIS Project Objective  To promote integrated interpretation and use of surveillance data to improve planning and evaluation of public health programs directed towards prevention of STD, HIV, TB and associated adverse reproductive health outcomes

4 OASIS Phases  Phase 1: FY 1998-2000 7 sites: Baltimore, California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York City, Ohio, Oregon  Improve local capacity for integrated analysis  Use of integrated analyses in community-based activities  Phase 2: 2001-2002 7 sites added: Indiana, Missouri, New York State, North Carolina, San Francisco, Texas, Washington  Additional qualitative component: Baltimore, California, Oregon

5 OASIS Phases, cont.  Phase 3: 2003-2005 9 sites: Baltimore, California, Florida, Michigan, New York State, Ohio, San Francisco, Virginia, Washington  Enhanced gonorrhea surveillance  Assessment of impact of OASIS activities

6 New York City Baltimore San Francisco OASIS Project Sites, 1998-2003 Current sites Past sites Texas Missouri California Oregon Washington Michigan Indiana Ohio New York State Massachusetts Virginia North Carolina Florida

7 OASIS areas of emphasis  Epidemiology & Surveillance  Technology  Community involvement

8 OASIS Lessons Learned  Data quality improvement  Data analysis & dissemination  Matching datasets  Geocoding & mapping  Enhanced behavioral surveillance  Interdepartmental collaboration  Community linkages

9 OASIS Symposium  Share the collective experience What worked? What DIDN’T work?  Stimulate other STD programs to use new tools

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