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6.05 THE GUPTA!!!.

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1 6.05 THE GUPTA!!!

2 The Gupta Empire Gupta Empire came after the Maurya and Asoka Empires declined. It lasted for 220 years and was created by Chandra Gupta I. Samudra Gupta was 2nd. He was a fierce warrior and started lots of wars. Chandra Gupta II was Samudra’s son. He led the Golden Age of India.

3 Political, Economical and Intellectual
Individual cities had power Government leaders were elected by artisans and merchants Traded wheat, rice, sugar, cloth, metalware, and pottery with Africa, Asia, and the Middle East! Wrote in Sanskrit and had many poems, folktales, and fables. (Aladdin)

4 Technological & Religious
The Gupta made advances in science and medicine by using the world’s oldest form of medicine called Ayurveda and studying metals! They also discovered the calculation of pi and the number zero! They were Hindu but accepted people who practiced other religions like Buddhism and Jainism!

5 Your Assignment Open up your file from this week’s !

6 What Do I Have To Do? You should now be familiar with the Gupta Empire! Your job is to create a photo story that describes the major contributions and achievements of the Gupta empire. This photo story must show carefully chosen images from four categories: Category 1: Medicine Category 2: Mathematics Category 3: Technology Category 4: Religion You must also explain why each photo shows a contribution or achievement that relates to the specific category you placed it in. Your explanation should describe how the contribution or achievement impacted the Gupta Empire. Requirements: Your photo story must: include one opening slide with a title for the presentation and the time period of the Gupta Empire include one carefully chosen image for each category explain how each image represents a contribution or achievement of the Gupta Empire within a specific category and how it impacted the Gupta Empire each explanation must be at least three sentences identify the time period each contribution is from

7 The Gupta…220 years of Golden Peace
The Gupta Empire ruled from CE

8 Category One: Medicine
[Insert Image Here] The Gupta Empire created a system of medicine called Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ____________ system of medicine in the world. They used _____________ to treat diseases.

9 Category Two: Mathematics
[Insert Image Here]

10 Category Three: Technology
[Insert Image Here]

11 Category Four: Religion
[Insert Image Here]

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