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Talking about food.

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1 Talking about food

2 Count and uncountable nouns
Countable nouns are people or things which we can count. They have both singular and plural form. Singular Plural apple apples carrot carrots We can use a or an or numbers with countable nouns. a cookie two cookies

3 Uncountable nouns are things that we can’t count.
water rice spaghetti They have not plural form

4 practice Potatoes Coffee
You need to buy the following things. Look at these words and put them into the correct columns. Write the countable nouns in the plural. Salt, cooking oil, potato, rice, meat, tomato, sausage, coffee, tea, marmalade, spaghetti, banana, apple, orange, egg. Countable Uncountable Potatoes Coffee

5 unit of measurement + of + the uncountable noun
If we want to talk about certain quantity of these, we normally use a unit of measurement + of + the uncountable noun A cup of tea/ coffee, etc… A glass of milk / juice All these phrases can be used in the plural Two cups of tea.

6 Some common units of measurement
Bag: sugar, potato chips Bar: butter, candy Bottle: Ketchup, juice, soda, other liquids

7 Box: Cereal Bowl: soup Bunch: bananas, grapes Can: tuna soda

8 Jar: jam Tube: toothpaste Carton: eggs

9 Carton: milk Head: cabbage, lettuce Piece: cake, bread, pie Six-pack: soda

10 Some and any We usually use some in affirmative sentences with count and uncountable nouns. There is some milk There are some desserts on the menu. We use any for negative sentences and questions. Is there any spaghetti on the menu? No, there isn’t any spaghetti on the menu

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