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2 Economics & Development
Agriculture is the leading economic activity in Southeast Asia Countries are industrializing at different rates, which causes great variation in economies, occupations, transportation, and communications Through ASEAN and other organizations that were formed to promote regional development and trade, the countries of SE Asia are becoming more interdependent.

3 Agriculture Depend on fertile river valleys and plains as an economic source Depend on the rich variety of crops grown in these areas to supply, not only their own food needs, but also for an income.

4 2/3 of ALL workers in Cambodia and Laos are farmers.

5 Rice Cultivation Most important crop in SE Asia
SE Asian farmers use more than ½ of the region’s farmable land to grow this crop. Not only a major food source, it’s a leading export product of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

6 Great to grow in this region because….
Fertile Soil Abundant water supply Warm, wet climate Rivers irrigate paddies Paddies: Flooded fields in which rice is grown

7 Rice Paddies

8 Other Crops Cassava Yams Corn Bananas

9 Subsistence VS Cash Crops
Crop grown mainly to feed the farmer’s family. Many families have small garden plots and pigs, or poultry. Crops raised and sold for profit Rubber is an important cash crop for Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia Philippines: Largest producer of coconuts

10 Which is a cash or subsistence crop?

11 Forests Includes jobs like logging, transporting logs, and manufacturing finished goods Very important to the industry in Vietnam Factories produce paper, furniture, plywood, and lumber.

12 Mines Tin, Iron Ore, Manganese, and Tungsten
Malaysia is rich in petroleum and natural gas Brunei: 95% of their export income comes from crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products.

13 Brunei

14 Industry Industry is growing rapidly in SE Asia
In many places, workers are moving from farms to work in factories (rural to urban) Malaysia is one of SE Asia’s most rapidly developing countries and they have increased their economic activities, and thus their level in economic sectors and development.


16 Industry However, some countries are not experiencing the same boom….
Less Industrialized Countries and their characteristics… Political Instability Rapidly growing populations Work force lacks training in technical skills Depends heavily on foreign aid and investments Inadequate infrastructure (roads, transportation, etc.) War & political changes can make this process go even SLOWER!

17 Child Soldiers in Indonesia

18 ASEAN Recently, SE ASIA has become more interdependent (reliant on one another) ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations Formed to promote regional development, trade, and greater economic stability Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand formed ASEAN in 1967. In 1992, they agreed to establish a free-trade area (sort of like NAFTA but for Southeast Asia!)



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