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About us ISO 9001:2008 CAPITAL : 1,5 MILLION USD.

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2 About us ISO 9001:2008 CAPITAL : 1,5 MILLION USD


4 ISO 9001:2008 Historical Milestone Set up Dolphin Sea Air Services Corporation, a 100% owned by Bee Logistics Corp, specializing in LCL consolidation, sea- air combined transportation, NVOCC, SOC… Bee Logistics Corporation was founded on October 01st, 2004 in Ho Chi Minh City Set up Ha Noi and Hai Phong Branch Became exclusive agent of RMI in Vietnam for ISO tanks operation. Joint to CLN Became an official member of VIFFAS Set up Da Nang Branch Joint WCA and Obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate by BSI UK. Obtain MTO license. Set up Phnom Penh Branch office in Cambodia and Become FMC approved NVOCC 20042005 2006 200720082009 20102011 2012 Became an official member of FIATA, CGLN Set up Lang Son Branch office and 2 Rep. offices in Yangon and Bangkok 2014 2013 On Oct 2014 Shihanouk Ville Office was established in Cambodia Set up branches in Yangon, Quy Nhon, Nam Dinh, VSIP1 Binh Duong and Nha Trang.

5 Vision – Mission Vision: Being a Global Logistics Services provider, delivering favored professional services, contributing to the community’s prosperity. Mission: - Being an expert in logistics and supply chain - Being a reliable partner and growing with partner. - Having a dynamic team and professional working environment. - Delivering responsive solution, excellent services with continuous improvement and innovation. ISO 9001:2008


7 Our Services Airfreight Service Worldwide. Ocean freight Service Worldwide Logistics and Supply Chains Solution. ISO 9001:2008

8 Our Services Buyer’s agent and Customs brokerage ISO 9001:2008

9 Our Services Project and Heavy Lift handling ISO 9001:2008

10 Our Services ISO 9001:2008 Iso-Tank and Flexitank (Chemical & Food grades)

11 Our Services Cargo Insurance Consulting. ISO 9001:2008

12 Our Services Sea – Air Combined Transportation (Vietnam, Cambodia to EU and US) Land – Air Combined Transportation (Cambodia to All Countries via Vietnam) Land – Sea Combined Transportation (Cambodia to All Countries via Vietnam) ISO 9001:2008

13 Our Services Trans-border to Laos, Cambodia and China ISO 9001:2008

14 REASONS Reasons Responsiven ess 24/7 Services Local market understandin g Expanding over Integrated Support Competitive Cost Solid Commitment

15 Routing From VN ISO 9001:2008

16 Routing From Cambodia ISO 9001:2008

17 MYANMAR ISO 9001:2008

18 Our membership ISO 9001:2008

19 Our IT facilities ISO 9001:2008 -Shipping Management System

20 Our IT facilities ISO 9001:2008

21 Our IT facilities ISO 9001:2008

22 Our IT facilities ISO 9001:2008 -Tracking and tracing on website

23 Volume of LCL ISO 9001:2008 Mode20102011201220132014 LCL Export (cbm) 15,253.00 15,866.00 13,057.00 16,726.0023,490.63 LCL Import (cbm) 10,327.00 10,435.00 25,357.00 35,271.00139,278.97 cbm Year

24 Volume of FCL ISO 9001:2008 Mode20102011201220132014 FCL Export (Teu) 4,230.00 5,405.00 9,154.00 12,092.0019,020.00 FCL Import (Teu) 6,752.00 11,916.00 13,053.00 16,890.0020,914.00 Teu Year

25 Volume of Airfreight Figure excludes sea- air shipments ISO 9001:2008 Mode20102011201220132014 Air Export (kg) 420,752.00 816,137.00 736,090.00 1,020,956.002,210,360.37 Air Import (kg) 195,524.00 278,564.00 571,197.00 711,140.001,685,930.34 kgs Year

26 Financial status ISO 9001:2008 USD Mode2010201120122013 2014 Total annual sales revenues (USD) 7,631,727 9,916,80317,832,85422,857,142 33,752,397 Year

27 Our customers ISO 9001:2008

28 Viet Nam Official name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam Population: 90.4 million (estimated in 2012) with 154 ethnics in which the biggest ones are Viet (85.8%). Capital: Ha Noi. Biggest city: Ho Chi Minh Area: 331,210 sq km Major languages: Vietnamese, English, French… Major religions: Non Religion (81%), Buddhism (5.7 %), Catholic (6.6%)… Life expectancy: 64 years (men), 68 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: Dong (1 Us Dollar = 20900 Dongs) Main exports: Garment, Rice, Furniture, Electronic products, Oil and Gas… GDP (PPP): USD 320.45 billion (estimated in 2012) GDP growth: 5.2%(estimated in 2012) Our services in Vietnam: Air freight, Sea Freight, Customs Clearance, Sea-Air Combined, Trans-border to Cambodia, China and Lao, Warehousing, Trucking, Buyer’s agent, Isotank & Flexitank, Domestic Logistics, Project Handling, Cargo Insurance consulting... ISO 9001:2008

29 Cambodia Official name: Kingdom of Cambodia Population: 14.9 million (2011) in which the biggest ones are Khmer (86.3%), Vietnamese (5%), Chinese (4.7%), Others (4%). Capital: Phnompenh. Area: 181,035 sq km Major languages: Khmer, English, French. Major religions: Buddhism (96.4%), Islam (2.1%), Others (1.5%). Monetary unit: Riel (1 Us Dollar = 4086 Riels) Main exports: Garment, Tapioca, Rice, Rubber, Furniture, Corn… GDP (PPP): USD 36.01 billion (estiated 2012) GDP growth: 6.7% (estimated 2012) Our services in Cambodia: Air freight, Sea Freight, Customs Clearance, Sea-Air Combined, Land – Air and Land – Sea (via Vietnam). ISO 9001:2008

30 Myanmar Official name: Republic of the Union of Myanmar (previously Union of Myanmar; Union of Burma). Population: 62.4 million (2011) with 135 ethnic groups, Bamar is the biggest (68%). Capital: Naypyidaw. Largest city: Yangon (Rangoon). Area: 676,578 sq km Major languages: Burmese, English, 108 indigenous ethnic languages. Major religions: Buddhism (89%), Christianity (4%), Islam (4%), Hinduism (1%)… Monetary unit: Kyat (1 Us Dollar = 845 Kyats) Main exports: Teak, pulses and beans, prawns, fish, rice, opiates, oil and gas. GPD (PPP): USD 88.751 billion (estimated in 2012) GDP growth: 6% (estimated 2012) Our services in Myanmar: Air freight, Sea Freight, Customs Clearance, Sea-Air Combined, Sales Leads follow up. ISO 9001:2008

31 Our subsidiary DOLPHIN SEA AIR SERVICES CORPORATION Master Consolidation ISO 9001:2008

32 Contact. ISO 9001:2008


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