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Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education

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1 Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education

2 Bachelor Degrees in Manitoba
Currently in Manitoba undergraduate education degrees are targeted toward K-12 public school educators. There is no pathway that will recognize the combination of a Certificate of Qualification(Red Seal), certificates, diplomas and advanced studies as credits toward an undergraduate bachelor degree in Adult Education. A Masters degree requires a minimum 120 credit hour Bachelor degree for admission. A three year bachelor program would require an acceptable additional year of study to be possibly accepted into a graduate program. The challenge has presented itself. What should post secondary educators and staff do to advance their education for their career path?

3 BA in Adult Education The University of Fraser Valley (UFV), Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education (BA-ADED) is a 120 credit hour undergraduate degree targeted toward Adult Educators who come from diverse backgrounds. Adult Educators may work: is instructors or educational consultants in vocational or industrial programs. is health or recreation professionals where they provide community-based education or adult recreation programs. in areas of literacy, teaching English as a second language, employment counseling, life skills coaching, and post-secondary education. in international education, community service and share a common interest in working with adult learners.

4 Why ? Why study towards a Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education?
to advance your studies in adult education. to attain a bachelors degree. to gain recognition for your credentials that have not been acknowledged. to prepare for future opportunities, advancement in your career.

5 Entrance Requirements
1. Applicants must have completed a diploma, 30-credit certificate, or associate degree from a recognized post-secondary educational institution. 2. Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in the field of adult education, ideally with a developing field of practice. Admissibility will be assessed based on transcripts of previous educational experience and on the information provided in the applicant’s resume and questionnaire. Refer to the University of Fraser Valley for specific Entrance Requirements.

6 Course Equivalencies This chart is an example of the courses that are recognized as equivalent between RRC’s CAE certificate and the University of the Fraser Valley’s BA in Adult Education or associated certificate programs for a total of 33 transfer credits. A reciprocal agreement is in place for recognition as well.

7 University of Fraser Valley
Application for Adult Education info: Application Steps to apply online: 1. A completed application form $45.00 application fee. 3. Official post-secondary transcripts – Send to the Office of the Registrar 4. High School transcripts - Office of the Registrar Address: King Rd, Abbotsford BC V2S 7M8 Building B, office B211  Fax: UFV BA Program Advisor Corinne Richardson, BA, ADED Ph

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