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Stoke on Trent LA Vision

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1 Stoke on Trent LA Vision
Dave Perrett

2 Stoke’s Vision Mandate for change What does it mean?
Make Stoke on Trent the Place to Bring Business Support and Develop Existing Business Work With People to Promote Independence and Healthy Lives Make Stoke-on-Trent a Great City to Live In

3 Children and young people
Outputs High Quality – defined by external standards Diversity/choice – 0-19(25) range of providers + governance arrangements that meet the needs of parents, pupils, wider city Equality – entitlement for all children and young people

4 Children and young people
Outcomes All young people have raised educational standards especially in English and Maths All young people have developed “knowledge and skills” to participate and succeed in adult life

5 Stoke’s Vision What does it mean for us? Partnership working
A system led by schools/providers – with schools/providers – for children and young people Improvement is led by schools/partners Capacity/sustainability is developed by schools/partners

6 Stoke’s Vision Statutory duties
2006 Act - promote high standards and the fulfilment of every child/young persons potential 2011 Act - powers to tackle under-performance and improve the way schools/providers are held to account

7 Partnership working Stoke School Improvement Group Directors Meeting
Strategic direction Monitoring/Evaluation Establishing Priorities Stoke School Improvement Group Feedback Communication Directors Meeting SAPH SASCAL TILT Teaching alliance Studio college schools MAC 1 MAC 2 Ormiston LA CO-OP

8 Data Protocols & performance
SSIG (Remit) Role: Strategic leadership Monitoring – evaluation Setting Priorities Data Protocols & performance data supplied by the LA

9 SSIG (Remit) Functions
Monitor /evaluate quality of education and outcomes across the city Determine priorities for improvement that supports the council’s commissioning role Develop a diverse, high quality CPD offer from new entrant to system leaders for the city – maximises expertise/capacity within and beyond the city Develops a city wide good practice guide Meetings – 3-4 times per year

10 Performance Indicators/Targets
Outputs Sept 2015 All schools/providers are good or better 35% schools/providers are outstanding

11 Performance Indicators/Targets
Outputs Sept 2014 All Ofsted category schools should be R.I. or preferably good * R.I. schools should be at least good All good schools should at least maintain existing quality More good schools are judged as outstanding All category and RI schools supported by school networks which include good/outstanding partners

12 Performance Indicators/Targets
Outcomes Attainment at each key stage  Progress measures  number of schools where progress is in line or better than national average Higher attaining pupils  number of schools where both attainment and progress is in line with or better than national averages Pupil Premium pupils (FSM) -  number of schools where both attainment and progress is in line with or better than national averages Not in Education, Employment or Training

13 The Role of the Council Monitor, track – evaluate performance of ALL schools within and beyond the city and the performance of ALL underperforming schools Commission and evaluate impact of school-school support in underperforming schools Identify and extend range of school system leaders – by developing planned programmes of CPD – by extending the number of executive headteachers Support/lead the development of school improvement networks – based on support and rigorous challenge Support the development of the stoke CPD offer and the good practice guides Improve the recruitment/retention and development of high quality governors

14 The Role of the Council Broker and support brokerage of external CPD and funding streams within the city e.g. Ofsted/National College and others Attendance/Exclusions Alternative Provision Staff recruitment Links to employers Marketing Stoke Schools

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