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Apprentice Firefighters. A brief presentation covering: The Product The case for Apprentices Q&A.

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1 Apprentice Firefighters

2 A brief presentation covering: The Product The case for Apprentices Q&A

3 What is it? Apprenticeships refer to on-the-job training leading to nationally recognised qualifications, developed by industry. Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners in a skill. Apprentices (or in early modern usage "prentices") or protégés build their careers from apprenticeships. Most of their training is done on the job while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade, in exchange for their continuing labour for an agreed period after they become skilled. Theoretical education may also be involved, informally via the workplace and/or by attending vocational schools while still being paid by the host employer.trainingprotégés careers vocational schools

4 It’s a framework consisting of ‘on-the-job’ and ‘off-the-job’ training. It’s a Firefighter Development Programme. It’s a cluster of qualifications - vocational and academic – that allow the Apprentice to become skilled in a chosen profession. So What is it?

5 Why are we involved? For us, the concept of building skills through an Apprenticeship is simple: Use the experience of one generation to train up the next. Standards based Firefighter training is nothing new to us.

6 Why are we involved (2)? Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service is seen as: A key partner in Local Area Agreements A Key Public Sector Employer A Key Employer in Staffordshire

7 Apprenticeship training Agency Model Successful method of Training Real flexibility Bespoke support Friends with benefits

8 Some FAQ’s (1) How old Are these Apprentices? What can they do? What can’t they do?

9 Some Answers (1) We’ve previously advertised for Apprentices between the ages of 16–24. For operational Apprentices the Young Persons Act, under the age of 18 (Regardless of whether they are an Apprentice or not) requires every organisation in England to comply with specific legislation, namely: –A maximum 40 Hour working week. –Not to work between 10pm & 6am or between 11pm & 7am (Except in certain circumstances). –12 hours rest between each working day. In addition, risk assessments need to consider the capacity of the young person, the pace of work, exposure to temperature, noise & vibration, radiation, High pressure compressed air & diving, Hazardous substances, training & experience.

10 Some FAQ’s (2) So does that mean you are adapting the physical tests to reflect their physiological immaturity, effectively lowering the entry standard?

11 Some Answers (2) No – The risk assessments will be reviewed to take in the previous comments and adequate control measures put in place if necessary but they have been designed to replicate the physical tasks of a Firefighter and be indicative of an individual’s capability to perform the role. All the tests are applied in the same manner and to the same standards.

12 Some FAQ’s (3) Who’s going to look after them on Station?

13 Some Answers (3) These Apprentices were supernumerary - over the headcount – but it should be with every best intention to attach them (where possible) to a Watch. For all intent and purpose they should be supported in their task of developing their skills as a Firefighter – A Firefighter in development. Along with that support comes the similar levels of support from T&D and pastoral support to enable them to complete their training. We now use them to fill temporary operational gaps.

14 Thank you for listening 01785 898603 07971 893286

15 Greater Manchester FRS  Apprenticeship Conference  Wednesday 20 th March  Training & Development Centre Cassidy Close Manchester M4 5HU  FREE!

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