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The American Revolution!

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1 The American Revolution!
What Started All The Trouble?

2 The French And Indian War 1753-1763
English colonists wanted to start settling in the rich land of the Ohio River Valley France said this area belonged to them (It was claimed for France by LaSalle when he discovered the Mississippi River) Britain won the war, but it cost a lot of money for supplies and soldiers

3 How Did This Effect The Colonists?
British Parliament decided that the war debt should be paid by the colonists British government changed its colonial policy Before the war the colonist were allowed to govern and tax themselves. After the war, the British Parliament changed this relationship The colonist resisted this policy

4 What Else Made The Colonists Unhappy?
Britain had spent a lot of money on the French and Indian War The King thought the colonist needed to help pay for the war The King started taxing the colonists without letting them have a vote on it The colonists thought this was UNFAIR!

5 What Taxes Were Passed? Stamp Act (1765) Colonists had to pay tax on any printed materials they bought such as newspapers, legal documents, and playing cards Townsend Act (1767) This was a tariff (tax) on goods brought into America from other countries. This taxed paper, wool, TEA, and other things

6 How Did The Colonists React To The Stamp Act?
Colonists protested with the cry “No taxation without representation!” Colonists did not have a representative in Parliament and therefore had no voice

7 What Else Did The Colonists Do?
Colonist organized a Stamp Act Congress, which sent a petition to the king and declared a boycott (refusal to buy) on British goods They organized the Sons and Daughters of Liberty which were groups of people who met to figure out ways to deal with the King and his unfair taxes Colonists also formed the Committees of Correspondence. This group of people wrote letters to keep each other informed about what was going on in their colony in reference to the unfair taxes and boycotts

8 Explain To Your Partner What The Stamp Act Was And How The Colonists Reacted

9 The Tea Act The Tea Act was not a tax
This act gave the British East India Company exclusive rights to sell tea in the colonies The colonist were boycotting tea because of the Townsend Acts The Sons of Liberty feared that that the availability of cheap tea would threaten the effectiveness of their boycott In Boston they threw the tea overboard. This was called the Boston Tea Party

10 Boston Tea Party Some of the Sons of Liberty dressed up like Indians and boarded a British ship full of tea. They dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor

11 Did This Make The King Mad?
YES!!!!!!!! The King Passed the Intolerable Acts – He punished the colonists for the Boston Tea Party by: Placing more soldiers in Boston Putting Massachusetts under control of the British general Thomas Gage 3. Closing the Boston Harbor

12 Do You Want To Know More About The Intolerable Acts?
The Intolerable Acts closed the Boston Harbor British named these The Coercive Acts because they were designed to force the colonist to pay for the dumped tea The King wanted the colonists to recognize that right for Parliament to tax the colonists The First Continental Congress was formed and established a boycott on all trade with Great Britain The First Continental Congress also advised the colonist to arm themselves. This led to the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the start of the Revolutionary War

13 What Is Happening In The Picture?

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